Retro Review: Hogs of War.

Hogs of War The Review

I remember the first time I played Hogs of War and I couldn’t put the controller down. Playing Hogs of War was a defining moment in my life. This was one of the video games that made me want to be a gamer. This was a video game which you would talk about with your friends the next day in school, it was a video game that I would put down as one of the best video games ever made. This might not be everyone else’s opinion, but it is definitely mine. It was the year 2000 when Infogrames Studios released Hogs of War. I remember coming home from school and my dad handed me this game which I had heard nothing about. I thank him for bringing one of the best games I’ve ever played into my life.

HoW1This takes me back. 

Hogs of War brought something new and something similar to the table when it was released 13 years ago. Infogrames brought us a video game which felt like something we had played in the past, something that felt natural and something that also felt new. The gameplay was very similar to Worms in a way, with the turn-based style and the way you could find weapon/health crates scattered around each map. Hogs of War (just like the Worms franchise) is a turn-based tactics game where you take control of an individual member of your squad to engage in combat with the enemy. Each round has a time limit, meaning you have to be quick with what you are doing before you run out of time. The round will end once the time limit expires, the player skips their turn, a weapon is used or the player accidentally injures themselves by walking into a minefield or falling from a great distance. So you have a set time to do certain things. For instance: you want that weapon crate that is on the other side of the map, but you only have 30 seconds to obtain the crate. Do you chance walking to the over side of the map or do you simply wait until a different round where another member of your team is closer? You have to think about everything you do in Hogs of War. The slightest mistake can lead to a loss.

HoW3Death in 3…2…1. I hated those minefields.

There are plenty of ways to kill or be killed in Hogs of War. The obvious one is by gunfire. Each Hog has 100 health at the beginning of each match and it is each players objective to eliminate each member of the enemy team any way possible. Eliminating the enemy team can be done in a variety of ways. You can use the weapons which you are given, you can use vehicles (on some maps) or you can simply blow your enemy off the map (this can be quite difficult). Once the enemy team is eliminated you see a message which reads “Mission Accomplished” and then you move on to your next mission (or if you’re playing against a friend you can always play again).
Before you start playing Hogs of War you get the option to choose a team (or a nation if that’s what you prefer to call them), and with that team, comes 8 members. You decide which members participate in the match. You are also given options for each member. These options include: the choice to change the hogs name and the option to assign a class to the squad member. There are four main class types; the Heavy Gunner which specializes in long-range heavy weapons (Bazooka, Mortar and Rocket Launchers), the Engineer specializes in explosives (Grenades, Mines and TNT), the Espionage class. If you assign this class to a squad member he will not show up on the mini-map and he specializes in sniping and finally we have the Medic. The Medic class obviously allows the squad member to heal his other squad mates from close or long range. Any squad member can pick up and use any weapon despite only being specialized in certain areas.

HoW5This is going in his montage…

Before you start the single player campaign you are asked to choose your team/nation of up to eight hogs. There are 6 different teams/nations you can choose from. Each one of them represents a different region in the Hogs of War World. You can choose from: Tommy’s Trotters (UK), Garlic Grunts (France), Sow-A-Krauts (Germany), Uncle Ham’s Hogs (USA), PiggyStroika (Russia) and Sushi Swine (Japanese). Each nation has over the top voice acting (From the amazing Rik Mayall) which is brilliant. During each battle you will hear insults coming from each nation which will make you laugh without a doubt. At the time, this was a refreshing feature in the game. It was quite rare that you would find somebody of Rik Mayall’s status doing a voice over for a video game.

Television programme: Violent Nation Presented by Rik Mayall DisThe brilliant Rik Mayall.

When you have chosen your favoured team, you now start the campaign. The campaign starts with an introduction, showing an island known as Saustralasia (Australasia) which is located in the Pigsific Ocean (Pacific Ocean). Saustralasia has been found to be the richest source for swill (oil). It is explained that whoever controls this region will be the richest nation in the World, meaning that one of the nations will rule the World. The first mission is more like a tutorial mission than an actual challenge as it teaches you how to defeat the enemy with the weapons you have been given. Each mission becomes more difficult than the last. You will have to fight more squads as you go on meaning the campaign is quite lengthy. As you conquer each region you will earn tokens. These tokens can be used to promote a member of your squad, giving him better weaponry. This can be the changing factor in any battle. The campaign mode doesn’t really have a plot as it would be. The campaign is just basically battling against each nation until you have conquered the whole of Saustralasia. After you have succeeded in defeating each of the five other nations you will have one final battle against “Team Lard” and commando legends from all the other remaining nations. This is a hard battle and you will need to do everything to win. It will take a lot of patience and a lot of work. However, once you have completed this final mission, you see a final cinematic. This cinematic shows one lone soldier who feels like nothing was accomplished after the war. I.P. Grimly (Commanding General) gives a lengthy speech on what has happened to him during this 4 year war and tells the one remaining hog that this is what the war was for, and proceeds to hand him a medal. The soldier now seems cheerful whilst wearing his medal proudly. He marches off into the sunset before I.P. Grimly wishes him good luck once more.

HogsEach nation in all their glory.

Hogs of War could have been so much more than it was. In the year 2000, gaming wasn’t what it was today. It wasn’t a big thing. According to people ‘only nerds play video games’. That was what people said back then. I’ve had it said about me, but look at how gaming has evolved. It’s becoming something more. It’s no longer known as “nerdy”. It’s known as a lifestyle, a future and gaming is now used by millions of people. Now back in the year 2000 we had none of this. We basically had what we was given. There was no online gaming (on consoles anyway), there was no coverage like there wasn’t a big majority of people who played games. It was games like Hogs of War that made the gaming industry what it is today. Without games like this, we would have become disinterested in video games and probably moved on to something different. In 2008 Hogs of War 2 was announced for a 2009 release on the Playstation 2. Even to this day we have heard nothing about this game. It never existed. The only thing we can assume is that the game got cancelled. Infogrames Studios is no more and neither is Atari (Infogrames was reincorporated as Atari because of financial problems). This is sad news for many people who enjoyed this beautiful game. We can only hope that another company will revive Hogs of War and bring us another amazing instalment. We salute you Hogs of War, and we hope we see you again. Goodbye.


Defiance: The Review

Defiance 1

I rarely play games like Defiance as I am not a big fan of the MMO genre, but I am shocked at how much I love this game and its developers. I was lucky enough to be one of the gamers who was able to play the early Beta last month and I knew as soon as I played this game, it would be brilliant. I was undecided whether I wanted to review this game at first because of all the content that it provides, but I couldn’t help myself. It has to be reviewed, I told myself.

Defiance is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) shooter developed and produced by Trion Worlds. The game is a tie in with the TV series which airs on the 15th (17th UK) of April on Syfy. You do capture parts of the TV series in the game itself with missions and characters based off of the show, which I think is an incredible feature. If something spectacular happens in the show – it will have a dramatic effect in the Defiance online game World. This could change the way TV shows and video games entwine in the future.

Defiance 2

The plot to Defiance is hard to get into considering you don’t really know much about it. You start off as a person (your own creation) who has been told to find somebody. Apparently this person is very important but we don’t know why. It takes a while to figure out what is going on in this World, and you do have to read every bit of intel you pick up just to get a grasp of what is happening (from the start anyway). As the story progresses you learn that Karl Von Bach, of Von Bach Industries has announced that he is preparing an expedition, in partnership with The Earth Republic (an inter-species Government on Earth). Karl Von Bach takes you on a journey to the San Francisco Bay Area in search of a valuable piece of Arktech, resulting in you becoming an Ark Hunter to help him locate exactly what he needs. Shortly after Von Bach recruits you, he goes missing during a vital mission. Something terrible happens when the Stratocarrier mysteriously gets shot down which causes death to many personnel. This is where the plan changes. The Arktech is vital, but without Von bach, nobody can do anything. The new mission is to find Von Bach by any means necessary.
On your journey you come across many people who need your assistance. These are the missions getting you closer to finding Von Bach. Helping people results in that same person helping you find Von Bach, who has finally located the powerful Ark-Core technology he has been searching for. Finding Von bach isn’t easy, so you will need all the help you can get.

Defiance 3Those gruesome Hellbugs.

Defiance throws you in to a tutorial, teaching you how the game works. It teaches you about many things, including: how to control your character, how to take out the enemy, how to use your power (cloaking, blur, overcharge and decoy) and so on. After you finish the tutorial, you are put into the World of Defiance where you meet the lovely Cass Ducar. Cass witnesses the  horrendous crash of the Stratocarrier and comes across a pod. She opens the pod, and to her surprise, she comes across an Ark Hunter (you) who has managed to survive the crash. Cass Ducar helps the Ark Hunter along the way as they both battle mutants, hellbugs and anything else that is out there. From this point on you are told to travel to a nearby Earth Republic Camp. This becomes your camp for a short while whilst you are completing missions. There are various camps within the Defiance World. These camps are where you can just rest for a while whilst you do something in the real World or a place where you can buy/sell different types of weaponry and shields. In these camps you will see other people roaming around doing missions, buying weapons and such. You and the random stranger could do the same mission together, you could help each other a long the way. There is not a  limit to how many people can do the same mission. This is a brilliant feature brought in by Trion Worlds.

Defiance 4Cass: the female Irathient Ark Hunter.

The Defiance World is a very different place indeed. There are so many things to do it’s unbelievable. You have 5 acts in the lengthy campaign which will keep you occupied for quite a while. Some of these missions are repetitive, I will admit. But you will have so much fun completing them. Each time you complete a mission you receive new items, and a bunch of XP. After each (major) mission you will see a cutscene. There could have been more cutscenes to lay out the story a little bit more clearer in my opinion but I can’t complain at how Trion Worlds have made this game, because the cutscenes they do have, are brilliant. The voice acting is spot on and things like this will keep you addicted to this brilliant masterpiece.
Once you have completed the main campaign, you have hundreds of side missions, time trial races, hotshot events, rampages and emergencies. The side missions are very different to each other. In one mission you could be shutting down generators, whereas in another you could be searching for somebody. Each side mission will keep you entertained for hours, or days even. Time Trial Races are spread out all over the Defiance World. You earn XP and Scrip (Currency) from these events. These events include riding different vehicles through checkpoints. You have to beat certain times to get a certain medal. These medals consist of: bronze, silver and gold. The Hotshot Event is a score based mission where you have to eliminate enemies with the weapon of their choice. Trion Worlds have set a different weapon for each event. You have to get a certain score to earn a certain medal. I’ve found some of these quite easy, and others quite difficult. It’s good to see that Trion Worlds have varied difficulty for different locations within the World. Rampage is similar to Hotshot whereas you have to eliminate certain enemies. You will be given a weapon of their choice, once again. But this event is time based whereas Hotshot is not. Emergencies are not located on the map like all the other events. You come across emergencies as you are driving along he road. You will see yellow markers indicating that a group are in trouble. You don’t have to help them, it’s your choice. Helping them results in facing numerous waves of enemies, which increase in strength. Helping these stranded soldiers can be very beneficial. You earn a hefty amount of XP if you help them, and on other occasions you will earn XP and a weapon.

SA small part of the map with so many missions.

If you do manage to complete all these missions (or you simply get bored) you can always try and complete the Co-Op missions which can be found by pressing the right D-pad button. There are a total of 6 Co-Op missions, and each one of them brings something different to the table. These missions consist of 4 people working as a team to complete certain objectives before facing an incredibly difficult boss at the end of the level.
There is also a PvP mode where players must face off in a Team Deathmatch. There are currently 2 maps where you can battle it out. These matches are quite fun and entertaining. I can only imagine that Trion Worlds are planning to introduce new PvP modes and maps in the future.
Another addition to multiplayer is the clan system. The clan system allows you to invite people. I personally use this system for me and my friends but I’m sure you could invite the people you have met on your journey in Defiance. With this system implemented you and your friends can do missions, or anything you want together. A clan will cost you 5000 scrip (currency) but it’s a great way to keep track of your friends, and if you don’t want to spend any of your in-game currency then you can always just group up. Grouping up doesn’t cost you any of your scrip and it is also a great way to keep track of your friends.

Defiance 5
A clan getting ready to battle.

Whilst playing Defiance you will notice that the servers are really stable. the only time the frame rate has problems is when there are literally hundreds of things on screen at once. With over 60 people and enemies shooting, you can expect the slightest bit of frame rate lag. Other than that, the servers are fine. They usually go down for maintenance every night, which is a good thing. Trion Worlds want this game to work so they sort out most bugs each night whilst adding in some new content. This is a company that is dedicated, a company that wants their game to be special. Not a lot of companies are like that these days. This is why I love this company. They care for their product, and they care about the community.

Defiance 6A brilliant company.

The leveling system in Defiance is quite hard to get used to. I’m still not 100% used to it yet. Your level is based on a thing called Ego. I’ve been told (not confirmed) that you can get your Ego Rating up to 4000. This would take quite a lot of time, even though you level up 5 – 10 ranks at a time. Your Ego Rating depends on what perks your character can have. For example: I am level 440 and I am allowed 1 power and 4 perks. There are 4 powers and they each work differently. Cloak basically lets you sneak up on enemies by going invisible. You can use this to your advantage in many ways. You can use cloak when you’re taking damage so the enemy can’t see you, you can disable turrets by sneaking past them and closing down the generators and you can also sneak passed the enemy. The next power is Overcharge. Overcharge (when activated) increases your weapon damage for 10 seconds and instantly reloads your current weapon. This is for the players who love to demolish anything standing in their way. This power allows you to easily clean out a wave of enemies. The third power is Blur. This power boosts your speed by 50%. While active, your melee attacks deal full damage against shields. This power is great in a tricky situation. Overcome by a wave of enemies? Activate blur and you can outrun them with ease. The final power is decoy. Decoy does what it says, it sends out a decoy which fools the enemy into thinking that the decoy is you. They will open fire on the decoy, meaning you can easily get the better of the enemy by shooting them in the back. Powers unlock different perks. The perks you get are decided on the power you choose. There are currently 79 perks (if my calculations are correct) and each one does various things. You can equip a perk which gives you more health or you deal more damage whilst crouched. It’s hard to choose when you have a range to choose from. You will unlock more perks the more you upgrade your current one.

Defiance 7The Ego Grid. Look at all those perks!

With all those great perks, comes great weapons. I couldn’t tell you how many weapons are in the game because there are too many to even list. There’s everything, including: Assault Rifles, Sniper rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Shotguns, Pistols, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Lauchers and grenades. Defiance includes the conventional weapons alongside alien energy weapons and bio weaponry. As you can see, there is a lot of firepower in this game. You can rank up each type of weapon by simply getting kills with it. For example: 100 kills achieved on the assault rifle will rank that class up to rank 2. It’s the same with everything else in the game. You can also modify most weapons with sights, stocks, magazine clips and muzzle brakes. This gives your weapon better statistics overall.

Defiance 8Infector: standard alien weaponry.

Along with the weapons, comes vehicles. Vehicles can be found in numerous places in the World. Vendors are the best place to find them. You can find Quad bikes, dune buggies, cars and modified combat vehicles. using a vehicle to get around the World is easily the best choice. Walking or running would take hours, whereas driving only takes 10 – 15 minutes. Each vehicle costs a different amount of Scrip. Quad bikes are the cheapest (upto 5000 scrip), and the slowest out of all the vehicles. The Dodge Challenger is the dearest (15,500 scrip), and the fastest (in my opinion) out of all the vehicles that I have come across.

Defiance 9The beautiful Dodge Challenger.

All in all, Defiance is a brilliant game with a fantastic story to tell. The only bad thing I can say about it, is the menu system. Trying to navigate through the in game menu system is like trying to solve a Rubiks cube at times. There is no manual to tell you where anything is, you just have to find it. If you hold the left trigger (On Xbox) it brings up a wheel with 8 options to choose from. Each one has so much information. Trying to find simple things like challenges or stats becomes a mission in itself. They could have easily made a better menu system. If I was to criticize Trion Worlds too much about that, I would just be being picky. I can’t complain over something so small when everything else is purely amazing. If you was looking to get this game, I suggest you do. It has so much to give, and so much potential. It could easily be a contender for MMO of the year without a doubt. I always try to write these reviews with no spoilers. I hope I haven’t given too much away. Anyway, buy this game. You’ll love it!


What we can expect from Rockstar in GTA V.

GTA V logo

Rockstar announced Grand Theft Auto 5 in October of 2011. Since then, Rockstar haven’t leaked much information to the public. Rockstar (as always) won’t reveal too much about their next record breaking (most likely) title. I have searched the web for as much information as I possibly could. I have gathered as much information so I could share it with you. Just remember that none of this information has been confirmed as of yet by Rockstar. So don’t take this as 100% legitimate information. It’s just speculation and supposed leaked information.

Let us start off with the main characters in GTA 5. There will be 3 main characters. Quite surprisingly you can switch between all 3 of these characters with the touch of a button whilst in the free roam World. When you are active in a mission, I’m guessing that each character will play a part in one way or another and you will have the choice to switch between them when the time comes. This will be interesting to see. I think Rockstar have taken a huge risk if this is true. If you can control 3 people, the possibilities are endless but it also has its negative effects. I’ve been thinking about this and I was wondering if you would have to restart from a previous checkpoint if a character who you’re not in control of suddenly dies. What would happen if you were at the local Burger Shot with one character whilst another character is crossing the street somewhere else in the World, and suddenly a truck comes out of nowhere and sends him flying across the street? What would happen? Rockstar should have this covered, so don’t fear. I would be very surprised if Rockstar didn’t have a system in place where this couldn’t happen. Still, it’s one of the questions that I would love to know the answer to.
The main characters in GTA V are completely new. There will be no playable characters coming back from previous titles. Characters who could make a possible cameo are likely to be from GTA IV and the Episodes of Liberty City titles. Nobody from the PS2 titles will be making a comeback because “the high definition universe” is separate from those titles. So it looks like there will be no Grove Street Reunion this time. We can only hope that there will be a little Easter egg to show some appreciation.

GTA San andreas Grove Street
We won’t be seeing these guys, sadly

The 3 protagonists will have very different personalities. Here is a list of what you can expect  from each:

“Michael; a retired bank robber in his early 40’s who lives in a posh Rockford Hills estate with his spiteful trophy wife, bratty teenage daughter and 20 year old son. He’s in the witness protection program, but still leads a luxurious life due to an “unconventional deal with the FIB”. His money is running dry due to his wife’s spending habits, so he inevitably returns to a life of crime.” Michael sounds like a very interesting character, indeed. I can’t wait to see what happens  with Michael during the story. It will be interesting because Michael has a wife and two children. How will he tell his children what he is doing? I’m pretty sure his wife won’t really care what he does as long as he brings home the money.

GTA V Michael“Did I switch the oven off?”

Trevor; a junkie and ex-military pilot prone to fits of rage. He resides in Blaine County, a desert region full of bikers and meth heads (similar to the area around the Salton Sea). An old friend of Michael’s, he joins up for another heist. A hands-off demo showed him set fire to a car just for the hell of it, apparently. “Anger and drugs don’t mix well, plus he is also ex-military. Have Rockstar gone all out to make the most psychotic criminal they could think of? Trevor seems like the type of guy who could get anybody into trouble. He seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t flinch if he killed someone. The good thing about Trevor is that he can get the other characters out of complicated situations with his flying ability. There’s always something good, even if it’s from a psychotic drug abuser.

GTA V Trevor
This guy has got psychopath written all over him


“Franklin; a hustler in his mid 20s working for an Armenian car dealership where he plays the role of thuggish repo man. He lives in Vespucci Beach (like Venice Beach), and wants to move up in the world. He comes in contact with Michael after targeting him for a hustle.”
Compared to the other two, Franklin doesn’t seem that bad. Why would he want to involve himself with two high profile criminals? Maybe he is naive. Maybe Trevor and Michael took advantage and promised him the luxury lifestyle, the money and everything he ever wanted.

GTA V Franklin
The sane one of the group.. kinda. 

GTA V will take place in San Andreas. We have not seen San Andreas since 2004/2005 when it (GTA: San Andreas) was released on the PS2. Obviously a lot will have changed since then considering the switch between consoles. Rockstar couldn’t include as much as they probably would have liked in 2005 with the limitations they had with the previous generation. With the current generation of consoles they can push the limits, they can make the game look beautiful. Just look what they have done with Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV. Both of those titles made the gaming World gush with excitement. Both of those titles were excellent. Rockstar have/had the records to prove it with GTA V breaking the World Record for highest-earning entertainment product in the first 24 hours of release in 2008 and Red Dead Redemption earning the Best Selling Western-Themed Video Game in 2011. Surely GTA V will break all kinds of records when it is released in September 2013.

GTA rockstar
The brilliant Rockstar.

San Andreas in the World of GTA is the equivalent of Los Angeles as anybody who is a fan of the series knows. Los Angeles is known as the biggest city in the World, and it has been said that it could fit 7 other major U.S. cities inside of it. That just gives you an idea of how big the city is. However Rockstar will only cover Southern Carolina in general, not the whole state. The in game map will still be huge. There has been no confirmation of how big the World will however it has been rumoured that it will be bigger than San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Red Dead Redemption combined. Try to imagine that. Take a couple of minutes to actually take in that information. If you have played these games you know how big these Worlds are. If GTA V is bigger than all of them combined, what can we expect? I’m hoping for big things in GTA this year. I can see it being a contender for Game of the Year.
GTA San andreas map
Just a reminder of how big the World was in GTA:SA

Now comes the last part of information I have. The multiplayer. Now, I haven’t gathered a lot of information regarding the multiplayer. Rockstar are keeping this information very secret at the moment. The only thing I know is that multiplayer has been confirmed. I know what I want from the multiplayer. I want an improved GTA IV multiplayer with new game modes and maybe some different features. Another surprising feature is Co-Op. GTA has never had a story based Co-Op feature before. There’re three protagonists meaning that this could let you and two friends take different roles as you go to each mission. I hope this gets confirmed soon because I would love to play the GTA campaign with a couple of my friends.

The only thing we can do is wait and see. Don’t take this information as 100% legitimate as it is only speculation and apparent leaked information. I can’t wait for GTA V as I have been a fan of the series for quite some years now, and I’m sure many others are feeling the exact same way. We only have to wait until September 17th. It’s only 5 months away.


Sniper Elite: V2 (Review)

0 image

I rarely purchase video games on day one as I don’t really see the point in paying the full amount for a game which is simply not worth it. I recently purchased Sniper Elite: V2 (GOTY edition) for a mere £23 (roughly $35) and I was sceptical at first. I was thinking “will this be another short lived campaign with another dull, empty multiplayer like most games these days?”. The video game industry has recently fallen in my opinion, which has resulted in me thinking like a pessimist. Companies love to hype up their products to the maximum. With trailers which simply say “LOOK AT OUR GRAPHICS” whilst blaring deafening dub-step in the background. But without satisfactory gameplay, what are graphics? A mere illusion for us to buy these rather dull, short lived games. I simply purchased Sniper Elite: V2 so I could play Co-Op with my friend and I was not disappointed. The campaign was decent in length and with the difficulty on Sniper Elite (Hard), it was fun, realistic and it was just beautiful. It has been years since I have played a game where you have to communicate quite well with your in-game partner so you both don’t get your heads taken off by the deadly A.I. This was like a breath of fresh air. It was new, it was fun and it worked perfectly.
Just another day at the office.

Sniper Elite: V2 is a third person shooter that is not like the rest. Where as other shooters focus on the run and gun, close combat action: Sniper Elite focuses on the stealth option. You get encouraged to sit back and take out your enemies using a sniper rifle. You do however have other weapons. You can choose from a range of sub-machine guns and pistols but I suggest you use the sniper rifles as much as possible. The SMGs and pistols don’t seem to be effective, even in close combat situations unless you aim for the head constantly.  Now I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing unless you are surrounded by more than 2 guys, and you want to make it out alive. This is one of the only negative things I can say about this beautiful game.
One of those “if I miss, I die” situations.

Sniper Elite: V2 allows you to choose from a wide range of weaponry. This includes: Five scoped rifles, three sub-machine guns, three side arms and five different types of explosives (also binoculars to tag the enemy position). This doesn’t include the weapons you get if you purchase the DLC (or get the GOTY edition). With the added content you now have 10 new weapons which you can equip for every mission. Each weapon acts differently which is one of the amazing factors in this game. On sniper elite difficulty you have to judge each shot with perfect precision. Certain things can determine the outcome of each shot. If you have the ballistics enabled you have to contend with the wind and the bullet drop. This can be annoying but it can also be very satisfying when you get a slow motion, X-Ray Kill Cam from 200+ yards away. The X-Ray Kill Cam is a new feature in Sniper Elite: V2 and it is just brilliant. It shows you exactly where the bullet enters the body and what vital organs your bullet penetrates. For example: you are aiming at an unaware soldier from 200 yards away, you get the shot just right to hit him in the cranium and then all of a sudden the camera changes, and now you are following the bullet in slow motion as it flies through the air just waiting to see where it will hit. As the bullet enters the target, time slows down to a near stop before showing you exactly what damage has been done. Sniper Elite does not hold back on the gore. Each time the X-Ray Kill Cam activates, you see the cranium (or any other part of the body) split open which results in blood flowing from the poor soldiers head. The goriest kill cam In my opinion is when you puncture the lungs with your bullet. You see which ever lung (or both of them) you hit just puncture and tear apart. If you’re into gore then I suggest you buy this game.
It’s only a flesh wound.

Sniper Elite: V2 takes place in Germany during the last few days (1945) of World War 2. You are put in control of Karl Fairburne, an OSS officer who is sent to Berlin to stop both the Nazi and the Soviet opponents as he tracks scientists who are involved with the development of the V-2 ballistic Missile. The campaign has a total of 10 missions which are not repetitive in the slightest. One mission will ask you to assassinate a certain target whilst another will want you to acquire vital information and so on. There’s a lot to do in these missions. Even though the mission will have the same outcome there are different routes to take during the mission for example: on your first attempt you can be on the open roads picking off the enemy one by one. On your second attempt you could go from building to building or you could take a more stealthy approach and go down the alleyways, getting behind the enemy. There’s always an alternative route in Sniper Elite. As you progress through these missions, so does the war. The plot to this video game is quite well thought out and without any spoilers I would suggest you purchase it whilst it’s still at such a low price.
Mr. Karl Fairburne.

I said earlier that I bought this game to play Co-Op with my friend and I’m glad that I did. Co-Op makes this game (and many others) just that much more fun. Having a friend beside you, sniping the enemy is quite satisfying. It allows you both to play through the full campaign whilst working as a team. One of you could plant explosives whilst the other one watches their back or you could be covering your team mate whilst he goes into a building looking for vital Intel. Another nice Co-Op feature is the game modes. Kill Tally pits you against wave after wave of soldiers. The more waves you face, the more enemies you face. They become stronger as each wave passes. This is quite the challenge considering you and your in-game partner are competing for the most kills whilst trying to keep each other alive. Another (and the best in my opinion) game mode is Bombing Run. Bombing Run is a mission based game mode where each player must collect parts of a vehicle (Tank, Jeep and a Plane) whilst watching each others back. When there are only two parts remaining a countdown appears. This is a countdown for the bombing run. Once this time is up, the area gets bombed meaning you have failed. The third and final game mode is Overwatch. In Overwatch you and your team mate have separate roles. One of you is on the ground spotting the enemy (equipped with a SMG, pistol and binoculars) whilst the other is in a building, sniping the enemy. The objective of this game mode is to protect the spotter whilst he progresses through each level. This is enough to keep anyone entertained.
I told you Co-Op was entertaining. 

Sniper Elite: V2 (like a lot of games) has a brilliant single player, and the Co-Op is fantastic. But the multiplayer aspect of the game lets it down. Just like a lot of great single player games, Sniper Elite’s multiplayer is dead. It’s like a ghost town. I did however manage to get into a multiplayer game and I wasn’t impressed. The game mode lacked any action. It was more of a who was willing to pop their head up first situation. I got into a 3 v 3 Team Deathmatch and I just didn’t feel anything. There was no excitement whatsoever. We spawned, and my team stayed in the spawn throughout the whole 10 minute round. Now I know it’s a sniper based game but I expected some action. It seemed like I was the only one who was trying to make the best out of this round. I would be the only one who was trying to find the best vantage point to see the enemy. Although that wasn’t hard considering they were just like our team, sitting in their spawn. I would be silencing my target and then moving location just like a sniper would if he thought the enemy knew where he was. Both teams just seemed to stay in the same positions for the entire round. I just didn’t understand their logic. I became disinterested in the multiplayer after a couple of games but this didn’t stop me playing this wonderful game. Every video game has it’s bad side, and this was Sniper Elites.
This is about as much action as you’ll get out of the multiplayer.

I suggest that Rebellion (developers) take the multiplayer option out completely (In Sniper Elite 3) and add more Co-op game modes. This would make me want to play Sniper Elite a lot more. It would make the game better in my opinion. If that fails then I sure hope they make a better multiplayer. I’m not sure how they would do that considering the video game is a sniper based game. How could they add more action to the multiplayer? Could they have a mode where 4 people play as snipers whilst 4 others play as machine gunners? The gunners must do numerous objectives before getting taken out by the snipers. Maybe the gunners could have up to 3 lives before they have to sit out the rest of the round. I’m not sure if that would work but it’s just an idea. I have nothing to add to the campaign or the Co-Op. Both of those modes are brilliant.

Sniper Elite: V2 is a brilliant game, no doubt. It has it’s intense moments, it’s well done cut-scenes and it’s brilliant action (single player/Co-Op). The graphics don’t worry me. They don’t make a game. Even though Sniper Elite isn’t the best looking game, it still looks beautiful. It has the World War 2 feel to it, like it should do. I would honestly give Sniper Elite: V2 a solid 7 out of 10. It is a brilliant game with so much to offer. I personally can’t wait for the next instalment. If you like these games then I suggest you give this a try as you won’t be disappointed.