What can we expect from Battlefield 4?


For the past two weeks I’ve thought for such an incredible amount of time about what I wanted to review next. Last week I was meant to write about the future of Xbox, but that didn’t go as planned. Expect that in the next month or so. So, when one plan fails, another awaits. I couldn’t think of anything to write about until a friend suggested Battlefield 4. This seemed like the perfect time to write about the up-and-coming FPS title from Dice. Personally I have never been a big Battlefield fan but I did enjoy the previous title to a certain extent. I always give credit where credit is due and I have to say that Dice did an amazing job with Battlefield 3.  So what can we expect from Battlefield 4? Lets find out.

DiceDevelopers of  Battlefield

We don’t know much about the single player of Battlefield 4 but I do have some information for you. The story (according to the official website) follows American VIPs’ evacuation from Shanghai and an American squad struggling to make their way back home. In the trailer (click here) which was released on March 26th, 2013, the player is seen engaging Russian special operators, confirming  Russia’s return as a faction. In addition, China is conformed as another faction. The confirmation comes at the end of the trailer where an unidentified caller can be heard going toward the east coast of China.  The mission which is was showcased in March shows the mission “Fishing in Baku”. Baku is the capital and largest city in Azerbaijan, which lies on the Caspian Sea’s coast.

Battlefield 4 2MEDIC! But what a pretty explosion!

In the campaign of Battlefield 4, the player controls “Recker”, a member of a US Special Forces squad callsigned “Tombstone” in the year 2020. The squad also includes: squad leader SSgt. Dunn, second-in-command “Irish” and combat medic “Pac”. In the reveal trailer you see Tombstone squad carrying vital information, trying to escape from Baku, Azerbaijan with Russian special forces in pursuit.

Battlefield 4 3The squad escaping the war-torn country

So without much to go on, I think the campaign could be promising. With that being said, these big developers don’t really focus on the single player aspect of their award winning products. This saddens me in a variety of ways. I remember when I would buy a video game for the story. I love to be a part of the adventure, but now,  the main focus is always the online multiplayer. I just wish companies would focus a little bit more on the single player aspect. Video games like Fallout, Skyrim ETC only have the single player option and look at how amazing those titles are. Playing a great campaign is like living your imagination, it’s like reading a book and that story coming to life in front of you and we [gamers] simply adore this. The last FPS title I played that had a lengthy campaign was Medal of Honor: Frontline. Now I’m not sure if there was a game after that which had a great campaign because I simply wasn’t a big fan of the FPS genre until 2007. Sadly, these days, video game companies just throw a 3 – 5 hour campaign at us and expect the multiplayer to compensate for the lack of creativity in the single player. This just isn’t enough for me and I’m sure many other gamers would agree with me. Lets just hope that Dice have turned the tables and that they have actually produced a fantastic single player experience this time round.

This was a golden title

Not much is known about the multiplayer in Battlefield 4 but I have a tiny bit of information for you. It has been confirmed that 3 factions are playable this time around in Battlefield. Those factions are obviously the United States, China and Russia. Also confirmed are a new game mode known as “All Out War! Vehicle Combat” and the return of the “Commander Mode” which was last seen in Battlefield 2142. “Commander Mode” gives select players an RTS-like tactical map and the ability to give orders to a team-mate.
I think that Battlefield 4 will be unique in a way and it will also be the same as Battlefield 3 in other ways, but this isn’t a terrible thing. Battlefield 3 has such a huge fan base and I’m sure the fans will love the new title when it is released in the fall of 2013. I played Battlefield 3 for quite a while and I did enjoy the game. The only thing I can say is that I got bored quite easily, but this was mainly because I play on console. The maps are brilliant, but the amount of players allowed on the map at one time just wasn’t enough for me. I’ve watched so much footage of BF3 on the PC and I think it looks 10 times better than anything I’ve witnessed on the console. Next Generation consoles is where Battlefield will take over as the main FPS game in the World in my opinion. Dice will be able to do so much more with the next generation of consoles. You will see bigger and better battles being fought out on the battlefield (no pun intended). Don’t get me wrong, BF3 was a brilliant game but it didn’t have the excitement that it has on the PC. Battlefield is a brilliant, brilliant video game, don’t get wrong. This is just my opinion and I think it can do so much more in the future.

It’s raining!

So, that was Battlefield 4. We haven’t got long to wait until we get to try the multiplayer. There will be a Beta a month or two before the actual release date. We will finally get a taste of the multiplayer. From what we have seen, the game looks fantastic. The graphics are ridiculously good but we all know that graphics don’t make a game. Everything about Battlefield 4 looks amazing but will the gameplay be amazing? We will find out in a few months. Stay frosty.


Just Cause 2: The Review.


I purchased Just Cause 2 about a month or two ago and I wasn’t really expecting what it brought to the table. I was expecting a short lived, mediocre title. I was surprised however when I started a new game. Just Cause 2 throws you straight into the action without telling you what to do. This sounds like a bad thing, but it’s not. This makes you learn quickly, it makes you react. I thought this was brilliant. Hardly any other video game just throws you into the action. There’s usually a tutorial, or a mission where you get hints at the side of your screen. Not Just Cause. There’re no hints, no lessons and there is no tutorial level. This makes for a fantastic experience. Avalanche studios  (with the help of Square Enix) made a fantastic video game when they released Just Cause 2. In my opinion it didn’t receive as much publicity as it should have done. You get other titles that are all over the internet, all over TV and just basically everywhere, yet I rarely heard anything of Just Cause 2 when it was released back in 2009. I find this quite strange considering how good it is. Anyway, I should get on with this. Let’s do this review (that rhymed!).

AvalancheThese guys made a beautiful game.

Now, going back to what I said about the game not having a tutorial. Just Cause 2 doesn’t have a tutorial because you get thrown in at the deep end. The campaign continues on (couple of years later) from the first Just Cause. The developers are expecting the player to have at least played the first game. I haven’t played the first game, but I loved being thrown in without any help. This made the game a lot more interesting in my opinion. You will easily get to grips with the controls, so don’t let this put you off.

Just Cause 2 1Real men don’t look at explosions… wait a minute.

The campaign picks up from where Just Cause left off. Rico Rodriguez (Agency Operative) is dropped into Panau (fictional island in the Malay Archipelago of Southeast Asia) and this is where the story begins. Rico is briefed on what he has to do. The main two things Rico has to accomplish are: 1) Oust Panau’s ruler (Pandak Panay) from office. 2) Track down and assassinate his old mentor, Tom Sheldon. Panau used to be an ally of the U.S. when it was ruled by Pandak Panay’s father, “Papa” Panay. It is believed that Pandak Panay killed his father because he was friendly with the U.S. Pandak Panay is a dictator. He is horrible to the residents of Panau. If they don’t do what he says, he has them brutally murdered by the army of Panau.

Just Cause 2 2Young Pandak Panay in all his glory… I think.

According to The Agency, Tom Sheldon has gone rogue after he disappeared. To find Tom Sheldon, Rico allies himself with the three most dominant criminal gangs of the island: the Roaches, an organised crime syndicate, the Reapers, an insurgent militia and the Ular Boys, an ultra-nationalist rebel group that espouses traditionalism and opposes foreign influence. Rico has to do different jobs for each one of these gangs so he can gather new information on Tom Sheldon. He eventually tracks down Tom Sheldon. After some questioning you finally find out why Tom Sheldon disappeared, Tom Sheldon tells Rico that he is investigating a much bigger conspiracy behind Panau and that he is also the “Sloth Demon”, the black market trader who often contacts Rico to give him information on each of the gangs and to tell Rico that if he needs gather things like weapons and vehicles, he should call him (with Sloth Demon being an anagram of Tom Sheldon). Now, my reviews never contain spoilers so I’m going to leave the rest of the campaign up to you to find out. The plot is brilliant and you should definitely pick this game up. You won’t regret it.

Just Cause 2 3Watch that rocket!

Just Cause 2 allows the player to roam around freely in the game’s open world, meaning you don’t have to focus on the main storyline. This is fantastic if you want to do a few side missions or if you just want to roam around the beautiful World. If you do want to play the main storyline, you will have to gain Chaos. Raising your Chaos meter results in unlocking new storyline missions (if you have completed the previous storyline mission), gang missions, black market items and other great features. Chaos can be earned by completing missions, destroying Government property, collecting items for each faction and 100% completion in military bases and settlements. Completing these tasks won’t be easy considering the AI (enemies) have a system where they can take advantage of the environment and the objects around them, meaning they can hide behind a number of things. You can counter them by using your grappling hook. The grappling hook can be used to forcefully drag enemies from high positions, hooking enemies onto different objects, connecting enemies to moving vehicles or you can simply drag objects into the enemy. Most of these actions are very effective against the AI. Another thing the grappling can be used for, is escaping. You can hook onto a building, drag yourself up and then deploy your parachute to make a quick getaway. Another way to get one up on the enemy is to have weapons delivered via helicopter. As you progress in the game, you will be able to upgrade and unlock better weaponry. The same rule applies for vehicles. To upgrade weapons/vehicles you will need to acquire parts. There are over two thousand parts to collect. It takes a long time to find each one of them. Once you complete the main storyline you can do whatever you want to do. You can complete the gang missions you forgot about, complete different races, find all the hidden items or you can have a nice drive around the island. You will not get bored whilst travelling around this island as it is one of the biggest maps in video game history. The length of this game amazed me. It is seriously on of the best games I’ve played over the past few years.

Just cause 2 4Grappling Hook in action!

Overall, Just Cause 2 is a brilliant game to play. There is so much to do that you just can’t get bored. Even if you do manage to complete the game 100% there are still so many things to do. You can just go around the World and cause havoc on everything. The campaign has quite a good length if you add the gang missions into the mix. The graphics are brilliant. Everything just looks so sharp, it’s quite amazing. I can’t say anything bad about this game except the lack of multiplayer. I know there is a multiplayer beta on the PC but I’m not sure if that is going to get a full release. It would be nice to see it happen. I would recommend Just Cause 2 to anybody who enjoys having fun whilst gaming. Well, I’ll let you be the judge of how good Just Cause 2 is. Go and pick it up. It’s only cheap.