What Can We Expect From Fifa 14: Career Mode Edition


You’re probably wondering “how will he do this? How does he know what we can expect?”. Well, it’s simple. EA invited me to try the Fifa 14 Career Mode Beta, so I know quite a lot about the feature. In this post I will be telling you what to expect, how the scouting system works and much more. I will even tell you what improvements have been made with the gameplay. Has Fifa 14 got what it takes to be a title contender? Or will it be fighting to stay in the league? Lets find out.


Just showing some proof

So, to start off, you will see the typical Career Mode menu where you select if you want to be a manager, or a player and once all that is sorted out, you are good to go. Now this is where things get a little different. The Career Mode HUD has changed dramatically. You will be taken to the ‘Office’ menu, where you will read the Emails your chairman, Scouts ETC have sent you. You will receive the normal “Here are your objectives” Emails along with a couple of new Emails explaining how to use the scouts. Setting up the scouting system is a must in Fifa 14, so I shall explain how to use it effectively during the Transfer Window.

Fifa 14: Career Mode global scouting report

The new and improved scouting network in Fifa 14

So you have chosen your team and now you want to sign new talent during the transfer period but unlike Fifa 13, you can’t just search for a player and put in a whopping 50 million for someone. Well you could but you could be losing out dramatically. EA have introduced a very complicated, yet amazing system this year. As you start your career as a manager you will be assigned between 2 – 6 scouts. Like last year, you will assign them to scout a certain country for some talent. Only this time, it’s not for a youth system, it’s for everything from first team players to up-and-coming talent. So, how do we get the players we are after? Well if you would like a Left Winger, you would assign your scout to take a trip to a certain country. Now this is where the new system comes into action. You now need to set your scout some instructions so he knows what exactly he is looking for. Your scout instructions are based on:

  • Position
  • Age
  • Contract
  • attributes

You would obviously tell him to bring in a Left Winger who was between *insert age* and *insert age*. For the best value you would tell him to find a player who only has 0 – 2 years left on his contract. Now, for the attributes. You have a list of 15 attributes (in the beta) and they are the most important part of this system. For a left winger you would want something like:

  • Attack Minded
  • Dribbler
  • First Team Quality
  • Pacey
  • Playmaker

When you have done all of this, your scout will go out to the country you have chosen and come back from time to time with players who he thinks can fit that role. If you like any of the players he brings back, you can ask him to scout them further. This isn’t the end of the scouting. You still can try to sign this player but you won’t know his price or his overall. The scout will need between 8 and 20+ days to scout this player fully depending on how good your scout is. This does take up most of the time in the transfer window, so make sure you have more than one scout on duty. Especially if you want to sign more than one player.


Fifa 14 scouting system

So with the new feature out of the way, we have the familiar feel back with the rest of Career Mode. You can do pretty much the same things as you could do on Fifa 13. So, not much of a change from EA this year in Career Mode. One of the biggest changes  is the gameplay. This has changed dramatically since Fifa 13. Fifa 13 was a very fast paced, easy to score football game, whereas Fifa 14 is still quite pacey, it feels like you have to do more to score. For example: on Fifa 13 you could hold LB/L1 whilst passing, meaning the player who passed the ball would sprint through. This led to easy goalscoring.
On Fifa 14 you can try the same thing but more players will close you down and a man will always follow the runner. It sometimes works but it is more difficult to pull off this time around.
On Fifa 14 you have to build up to scoring, just like in a real football match. I think that this is a brilliant new style of play that EA have introduced in Fifa 14.

El Sharaawy

El Shaarawy could have better days, but with hair like that, who cares?

Other differences in this years title is how the players move and position themselves. Your defenders will actually have back if they are under pressure, unlike last year where they would stop on the halfway line whilst watching the ball float over their tiny heads wondering what was going on. This is one of the improvements that everyone had been hoping for this year. So, another good deed done. The attacking has been altered as well as the defending. Players will now make runs off the ball, regardless if you tell them to or not. This can be very effective whilst attacking the opposition.


Messi: “My hand… it’s beautiful”

The last thing I’m going to be talking about is how EA have introduced the new ball physics. We’re all very used to the ball flying straight over the bar when we drive a shot from 40 yards out on Fifa, but this has now changed. With the new physics anything can happen in Fifa 14. Remember when you took that wonder strike with Cristiano Ronaldo only to see the ball float aimlessly into Row Z? Well, on Fifa 14 you won’t have that problem (most of the time). For example: I was Southampton and I had brought in James McCarthy from Wigan. I was open and I was around 35-40 yards from goal. I hit the ball, it went quite high and with me being used to Fifa, I thought it would just continue to rise. Oh how I was wrong. The ball dipped and curled straight over the keepers head, which made a wonderful moment. I was sat down, wide eyed with my mouth open. This shocked me to a point that I thought it couldn’t be real.  You could score amazing goals in the past and it would feel good. This time, it feels amazing.


And what you can’t see is Samir Nasri hiding behind Gareth Barry

So all in all, Fifa 14 (Career Mode) is looking very promising this year. Yes, it hasn’t improved dramatically since Fifa 13 but what stands out here is the gameplay.  The way the game feels is very good. Well, we haven’t got long until the game is released, so I hope to see you all on the pitch at some point. Get practising those CR7/Bale free kicks and you will be feeling like a pro in no time!


Payday 2: The Review

PD Logo

“BULLDOZER GUY…BIG JUGGERNAUT GUY” is what you will hear me shouting, whilst running away frantically during any ‘Overkill’ heist. After playing Payday 2 for just over a week, I feel that I have pretty much seen everything there is to see within the game. I’ve been through bank heists, nightclub robberies and many botched jobs that were never my fault, of course. Payday 2 is a fantastic, fun game, but how long can that last? Is Payday a successful job, or just another botched attempt?


From left to right: Hoxton, Dallas, Wolf and Chains.

Sadly, the Xbox community never got to play Payday: The Heist, but never fear! Overkill announced that they would be bringing the much anticipated title to Xbox: 360 with Payday 2. To the surprise of Overkill, a large majority of the community couldn’t wait to get their hands on their product. This lead to the disc copies to be sold out within hours, in every store. The only way to get this game would be to download it straight from the Xbox marketplace itself. With the game being so cheap, you could hardly turn down that offer.


Brilliant developers.

So, lets get the bad points out the way first. One of the only bad points I can say about this brilliant title is the single player. This game was never meant for single player, so if you don’t have an Xbox live gold account (or any friends), I would suggest that you don’t get this game at all as you will be bored within a few hours. Payday 2 was always meant to be a co-op game. Playing this game with friends, or even with random people online is one of the best things about Payday 2. The game can be quite glitchy at times, for example: You’ll be taking cover in a room when out of nowhere a full assault team runs through the wall to attack you. I’m sure Overkill will patch up these glitches in future updates.


“LET’S GO” Just wait one minute! I need to saw through this last deposit box.

Payday 2 is a different game to say the least. This is not a bad thing, no. This is very refreshing. How many times do we see all these FPS games trying to do the same thing and failing? Quite a lot. Even the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield are the same these days. I’m not bad mouthing them, so don’t think I am. They are successful for a reason. I’m just saying that we did need something like this, we needed something new.
Playing Payday with friends has to be the best thing about the game. You party up, choose a job and off you go. Starting off you will be choosing low difficulty jobs such as a “Four Store” heist which aren’t that exciting. As you progress through the ranks (100 in total) you will be unlocking higher paying jobs, which means higher difficulty. These are the best kind of jobs you can get. Anything from Hard – Overkill will have you fighting waves of heavy armoured FBI officers as well as trying to do the job at hand. There are about 10 jobs on Payday 2 as of now, but I expect Overkill to add more with the 5 packs of DLC that they plan to bring out in the future. Whilst this is a problem for some people, it isn’t for me. The jobs play out the same way in the end but different patterns emerge each time you play them. For example: Day 2 of the ‘Rats’ job you have to take the drugs to the gang to gain some info. Either you can get through this without having to shoot anyone, you can get the info and attempt to take the drugs as well to gain more money, the gang can suspect that you’re going to do them out of the deal and start shooting you or the police can turn up, meaning you have to take out the gang and the police simultaneously whilst trying to get the info required. So even though there isn’t much variation with the jobs, there is a lot to do in Payday 2. It is definitely a game that anyone would enjoy.


Come on Heisenberg, cook the meth!

Payday 2 offers 26 weapons varying from assault rifles, sub machine guns, shotguns, hand guns and even a portable saw. You can unlock mods for each weapon through the “Payday” card regime. After each successful job, you will be able to pick from 3 cards. What you receive will be absolutely random each time. You can get your hands on:

  • Weapon Mods
  • Masks
  • Mask patterns
  • Mask materials
  • Mask colours
  • Money

This is a really fun aspect that Overkill have introduced into the game. You can wanting a mod for a certain weapon, meaning you keep completing jobs in order to try and get it.


Some of the masks you can earn in Payday 2.

Last, but not least is the Skill Tree. Just before you start being a criminal, you must choose a role. You have four options:

  • Mastermind: a manipulative leader who excels in situational control. (Has control of med kits)
  • Enforcer: The Violent one. Employed by crime syndicates to execute jobs that no one else can (Has control of ammo bags)
  • Technician: An expert in the practical application of criminal science. Enjoying anything that goes BOOM! (Has control of Trip mines, C4 and a sentry gun)
  • Ghost: The stealth artist, capable of grand theft without force or violence.

You earn skill points by ranking up. These skill points can be put into one tree, or spread out across all four, meaning you can do practically anything. There are a total of six tiers in each tree. Tier 1 – 3 cost 1 point each to buy the skill (plus money) and to ace that skill, you will need 3 more points. From tier 4 – 6, each skill will require 4 points to purchase and 8 points to ace.


What the Skill Tree looks like.

So, Payday 2 is definitely worth your money. It is a fun, fantastic game that anybody can enjoy. Even though the jobs get quite repetitive, it still brings a lot to the table. Overkill can give them selves a round of applause for bringing something new for the gaming community to try. With 5 DLC packs announced for the future, I can only think that Payday 2 is going to get better and better. Do you have what it takes to become the Worlds best criminal? Find out, in Payday 2.