What To Play?!: Halloween Edition


It’s that time of year again, where people dress up as their favourite TV characters, demons and whatever else they can think of. It’s that time of year where people go out, get drunk and then come home and wonder what the hell happened. Well never fear, I have a few options for all of you. I have options for the people like me, who don’t drink. I have options for the people who go out, drink and then come home not knowing what to do. I have something for everybody! In this new edition to my blog, I shall give you five games that I think you will enjoy. In this edition you will see: fun, gore and scary titles to see you through the night. Some of these games will make you sleep with the lights on!


To start you off tonight, why not play some Dead Rising 2? Everybody loves seeing zombies, right? Everybody loves to kill zombies, right? Well if you do, this is a game that bleeds fun! You play as Chuck Greene and he is kinda cool, I guess. The game opens up with Chuck participating in the Terror is Reality game show. Chuck participates in these events to win cash, so he can buy Zombrex for his daughter. The Zombrex aspect of the game can be quite annoying but other than that, you should be playing this tonight! A lot of zombies, a lot of weapons and a lot of blood! What more could you ask for?


Zombie slaying time!


What would Halloween be without Resident Evil? Resident Evil was one of the first games to bring the horror genre into the big leagues. We’ve all played this game (and if you haven’t, why the hell not?!) and at one point or another, we have been scared. Don’t try to deny it, we’ve all been there, you’re not alone. This a must play game for any horror fan on Halloween.


Leon and the gang


Fear 3 does something that gets overlooked by most people. Fear 3 is horrifying at times but that’s not what makes this game so good. The way this game affects you psychologically is amazing. This game will have you thinking, it will have you jumping and it will make you feel scared. There are many jump spots in the game where Alma will appear and you won’t be expecting her. This game is brilliant and you should be playing it tonight!


Imagine these guys showing up to your house on Halloween


Silent Hill has always been successful. The franchise has never let the die hard community down. Konami have always remained fresh with this franchise, and they have always had a few scares up their sleeves! Silent Hill: HD Collection brings you both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Both games are amazing and they will scare you.


What a friendly bunny

Dead Space

The Dead Space series has been an amazing ride so far. Isaac Clarke has been through an emotional ride (as have we, the gamers) through all three instalments. This game is guaranteed to scare the socks off you! As you walk through the dark world that is Dead Space, you will come across something known as Necromorphs. These creatures are enough to give you nightmares. One minute you will be minding your own business and the next you will hear terrifying music that usually means there is something going to happen.

You get to wear this cool suit!

You get to wear this cool suit!

Well I hope you all enjoy this new edition to the TwiiSteD Blog. I have been thinking up new things over the last few months. I really enjoy reviewing games, but I want to do so much more. Hopefully I can improve on this in the future. This is technically just a test to see if I can actually do other things. Well I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for the support. You guys are amazing. Stay amazing.


RIP Yote

GTA V: The Review + Multiplayer Guide!

GTA 5 logo

“All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!” will be what most of you remember from the previous visit to San Andreas. With all the hype of GTA: V, I think most of us lost our minds. As the release date grew closer, we would become agitated and excited at the same time. We had seen the trailers, we had heard what Rockstar had to offer this time around and it promised to be something special. I remember writing about GTA: V a few months ago and I was as excited as a kid on Christmas day. You can only imagine what I was like during the week before release! So, when GTA: V was released, everybody went crazy, and who could blame them? I mean, it has been 5 years since the last GTA instalment, so it was quite obvious that the community would be going absolutely mental.

GTA 5 welcome back

Welcome Back to San Andreas

GTA: V opens up in 2004 with Michael, Trevor, Brad and an unknown accomplice robbing a bank in Ludendorff, North Yankton. Whilst escaping, the foursome run into the police (who saw that coming?) and from there on, it’s not quite the smooth ride that they thought it would be. Whilst escaping, you will have to shoot officers, drive the getaway vehicle and then some how get away from the whole situation. After this amazing prologue, you will take control of Franklin. Franklin and his best friend (Lamar) work as repo men for Simeon (car dealer of Armenian heritage). Franklin and Lamar must repossess vehicles from unfortunate customers. Doing these first two missions gives you a little bit of information about the main characters. As the game progresses, you unlock Michael and then Trevor later on in the story. After you have played with the 3 protagonists for a while, you will become attached to them. You will love them all for different reasons, I know I did.
Without any spoilers, I will say that the story is fantastic. It hooks you and reels you in, just like I hoped it would. Rockstar always have a way of bringing the emotion out of a gamer, which is one of the reasons I love their work. In this absolutely fantastic instalment, you will feel happy, anger and pretty much every emotion your mind has to offer. This isn’t ever a bad thing. This is great storytelling from one of the best game developers in the world and we couldn’t ask for much more.


The amazing developers

Another brilliant thing about every GTA game are the activities away from the main story. You can pretty much do anything in the world of GTA to fulfil your happiness. There things such as: Tennis, Golf, Darts, Car races, Off-road races, Bike races, Sea races and a hell of a lot more. You will never be short for anything to do in this game. It is just so much fun roaming around the city, finding different things to do. I don’t know many other developers who put so much effort in to one single game at this present time. IF that isn’t enough to wet your appetite, you can always just do your own thing. Go to the airport, steal a plane and go crazy, have a shoot-out with the police and try to evade that 5-star wanted level, or just simply have a nice drive around the wonderful city of Los Santos. In my personal opinion, the single player alone should win this title the ‘Game of The Year’ award.

GTA 5 trev and franklin

Two of the three amazing protagonists in GTA: V

Regular readers know that I don’t say anything about graphics in a game, but in this case, it has to be mentioned. GTA: V looks absolutely fantastic. Rockstar have gone into so much detail to bring us not only a game that plays brilliantly, but also a game that looks amazing. Everything from the beautiful weather to the amazing countryside of Blaine County looks perfect. I don’t think I have ever seen GTA look so good. It’s the small things that make this game look so good. How the water moves, how the fog looks absolutely brilliant and just how everything moves in such a fluid motion.
So overall, you should buy this game if you haven’t already. You are missing out on one of the best games in the past ten years! It is seriously that good and I can’t recommend it enough. Go and buy it now if you haven’t already. I don’t care what time it is, I don’t care what day it is and I don’t care how much it is! Go and get this game. It is that good.


GTA: Online did have teething problems on the first week of it’s release, and this annoyed most of the gaming community, but what else could you expect with 8 million people trying to get on the servers constantly for an entire week? Although, the servers were not entirely to blame. Some of the blame could be placed on Rockstar themselves. They held back the Online option for two weeks post launch. This was so they could add the finishing touches to the multiplayer. I think this angered most people. I was slightly annoyed at this, yet I just didn’t complain. I played single player, like it was intended. The problem with getting online was getting through the tutorial. This was meant to teach you how GTA: Online worked, yet it was a hard task. It would show you the city, your character would arrive to Los Santos by plane and Lamar would come to welcome you. After this, he would give you a lecture on how small you are and how you can earn money. So he takes you to your first race, and this is where the problems start. The race would never start. It took me 4 days to actually get past this. A lot of people complained, and so they should. It was their right to complain. I was not part of the angry mob. I was part of the patient bunch who waited for a fix. When it finally came, the troubles seemed to go away, until people’s characters seemed to be disappearing like cake at a child’s party. I never saw any issues, until it happened to me, of course. I was a level 19 who didn’t have a lot of things. I had a car and that was it. I didn’t mind this. I waited for the next patch and then made a new character. Of course the game would have problems. Even now, it has problems. Nothing as major as the start, but it still has them.

GTA online 1

Hey look, it’s that race we never saw

Anyway, when Rockstar finally fixed most of the problems, the online was brilliant and it still is. A lot of the online features are still to be released and even without them, the game is fantastic. You can do pretty much anything that you can do in singleplayer and much more. There are jobs which are scattered around the map for anyone to join. You can race, play survival, team deathmatch, last team standing or even do missions where you have to collect something for somebody. There is so much to do in GTA: Online. Go on there and you will be hooked for a while!
A great feature in this game is the customisation. You can pretty much customise anything you want from: character appearance to the wheels on your car. You can make your character look the way you want him. Want to be a cowboy? Go ahead. Want to be a rockstar? Do that too. The possibilities are endless in this game. It’s quite something to think that a game on this generation can have so much to offer. The best part is that we haven’t even seen it all yet. We still haven’t seen the creation tools where you can create your own games. We haven’t been introduced to heists as of yet. I have some news about the heists. It could be speculation but this was posted on a forum a few days ago.
According to an unknown poster, the heists will be introduced some time this month. He called Rockstar to complain about his character loss. Whilst talking to Rockstar, he asked about heists and other things which haven’t been released yet. From what he says, you will need to buy an apartment so you can plan the heists. Do not take this as gospel, as it could be a rumour. Just keep in mind that this could be happening sooner than you think.


Since the game is working, here is my garage. Also, ignore the ‘Heavy Metal Farmer’ character you see in front of the vehicles

So, some tips to help you get started:

  • When you make a character in GTA and you get past the tutorial, you will be asked to find a vehicle. This will be for free. Find the best vehicle that it will let you track (I got a low-end sports car) and when you take it to Los Santos Customs, make sure you have a good look through every customisable option. This is your first car, there are a lot of free things that come with it. Put all of the free things on your car. You won’t get this opportunity again.
  • When you get a garage, go to the LuxuryMotors website on your in-game phone and order the Elegy sports car. This is a free car and you will not be charged for it. Do this if you haven’t got a tracked car, or if you have a garage. It’s the easiest way to get another free car.
  • Make an account on the Rockstar: Social Club website to access the Sawn-Off Shotgun for free. This will help you when you are a lower rank than a lot of the other players in the lobby.
  • Sell cars to Los Santos customs for easy money.
  • If Simeon wants a vehicle, you get him that vehicle. He will pay you a handsome some for these vehicles.
  • Play a lot of Survival when you unlock it at level 15. This will earn you £20,000 if you survive 10 waves.

Using these methods should earn you quite a lot of money in no time. Even doing the standard Team Deathmatches or Races will earn you quite a lot if you place in the top 3.

GTA lambo

Want a car like this? Do the methods I have told you!

Now some more useful tips to get your stats maxed out the fastest way possible. They are quite self explanatory, but I shall tell you anyway:

  • Shooting: go to a shooting range to increase your gun skill, or do Survival. I found Survival gets this stat up the most.
  • Driving: drive around Los Santos for a while, or enter race after race like I did, and win. This helps a lot.
  • Flying: do plane races to get this stat maxed out, or fly around Los Santos for a few hours.
  • Stamina: grab a cycle and peddle like you have never peddled before! This will increase your stamina dramatically.
  • Strength: simply play golf for a few hours. This increases your strength in no time.
  • Stealth:  this skill is increased by 1% for every 45 meters (49 yards) walked in stealth mode.
  • Lung Capacity: this stat is increased by 1% for every minute spent underwater.
gta cycle

Cycle around as much as you can!

I hope that this guide will help you get through the multiplayer without any trouble. Other things to watch out for, are other players. Try to stay away from them if you can as they always seem to shoot on sight. If you’re confident enough to know you will win a gun fight, go straight in. Always make sure you deposit you’re money into a bank account. You don’t want to lose it if you get shot by another player. When robbing a shop, always make sure you keep your gun aimed at the shop assistant, even when leaving the shop. This gives him no time to pull out a gun of his own and shoot you.
Follow this guide and you should be earning money in no time. You should be able to afford the high end sports cars within days. You should definitely get this game if you haven’t already. It will be the best game you have ever played.


Tomb Raider: The Review (By TwiiSteD EmBeR)


With Tomb Raider being around for well over ten years, why not have a review about the latest instalment? We never actually had a chance to find out how Lara became the woman we know and love, so this game was a great way to find out.

Lara Croft rain

Put on a coat, Lara! It’s getting cold out!

Tomb Raider has always been the game/film that all of us has watched/played and we have seen this college teen become the born survivor that has passed throughout her family. The reboot of Tomb Raider: Survivor is born (2013) (produced by Square Enix) is a game around the legacy that is Lara Croft, but in recent games that I remember myself, such as on PlayStation 1, we already grasp that she has grown up and has learnt to become the rough killer that she is. But with this game, you come to learn that how she becomes the survivor and how she handles events on this island with a crew as they go “Tomb Raiding” as it would be.


The original Lara Croft

The game also delves into the lives of the other the “crew” members as you also find out the backing stories behind them and you can work to find notes which they read out as a monologue when Lara picks them up.


Lara is looking good in this day and age

At first look at the Multiplayer, it is similar to most Third-Person shooters. It has a lot of features in the maps that the players can use to climb up and zip line across and set traps to leave the other team vulnerable as they try and get themselves out of the trap and try to gain an advantage over the other team. With this there is also power weapons placed on the map, weapons like: the Mini Gun which the players can use to also gain an advantage on the other team. These power weapons do not disappear, but if chosen to use, it leaves the player exposed. Another main feature of the map is that when a certain team is winning, the map will react, with one of the maps having a feature where part of the map caves in; making it harder for the two teams to concentrate. Players are able to use points gained from kills in order to unlock character, weapons and to attachments for the weapons that they use.

TR mp

TR’s Multiplayer wasn’t the best, but it had it’s moments

The game has many features and helpful things that can help the experience of the game and the story that it follows. The user is able to sit at camp-fires also known as “base camp” in which Lara is able to spend points that are gained from things such as: killing enemies stealthy, headshots and finding items in boxes ETC. These points can be spent on upgrading weapons and skills that Lara has to offer throughout the game. Throughout the single player there are also tombs, relics and notes to find, but there is something called “survival instinct” which allows you to see what’s around you and where to go to next. Throughout the game you find Lara growing in confidence as she witnesses these events and the survival on the island, with the non-stop action, twist, turns and overall beautiful visuals. It is an all-round great game, a good experience and is a game worth buying.


No time to hang about, Lara