Trials Fusion: The Review

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Yesterday was the release of Trials Fusion, and like a lot of people, I have had my fair share of fun with the Trials series. Of course, I was expecting something great from this game, as you do when a game like Trials is announced. The endless fun is something that Trials does better than most other games, so obviously I was expecting a lot from RedLynx, maybe a little too much. I don’t know, I just feel like there aren’t enough games to play on the current gen right now, so I’ve started to expect a lot from companies. Anyway, back on the topic of this review. Trials HD was good, Trials Evolution was brilliant, and now we have Trials Fusion, another title in the series, and it does do something great, but I feel that it has a lot more to offer in the future.



Trials Fusion hit  shelves on the 15th and 16th of April

The first thing I expect you to dive into is the career mode, like always, considering this is the best way to start your Trials experience if you’re a new player, or just to get back used to the Trials feeling. In career mode you start out by going through a training programme at the start of each location, and after completion, you unlock a new bike/quad bike. Trials starts out easy, as usual, but as you progress it gets a little bit difficult, which is not unusual, but what Trials does compared to other games is get insanely difficult once you pass the hard levels. Once you get to extreme, you are truly tested, and this is not easy for many gamers, me included. So, make sure you practice before you lose your mind with these extreme levels. They are good, and fun (sometimes), but it is kind of refreshing to have hard levels in a game considering how easy a lot of games are nowadays.

Inferno IV - the hardest track in Trials Fusion

Inferno IV – the hardest track in Trials Fusion

Now for the part that I think will be the best part of Trials, the most promising aspect of this game and probably the best experiences. Track Central was a bit hit on Trials Evolution, with people creating their own tracks and skill games. We saw so many different styles, and so many different games built within Trials, it was mind blowing, it really was. This is where Trials really shines brighter than most other titles. Trials is one of the only titles that allows the community to use building tools to create anything they want, and without that, I don’t think that Trials would be as successful as it is now. This means that there is tons of new content every week (sometimes every day) for you to play without paying for it. As of now, the community haven’t made many tracks/skill games, but give it time and you will start to see many amazing creations, I have no doubt about that.

Track Central is where you will find community creations

Track Central is where you will find community creations

The only disappointing thing about Trials Fusion is the multiplayer, as of now. At the moment you can only play local multiplayer, which isn’t that great. It’s pretty much what you had on Trials Evolution with the Supercross tracks. Having no online option at the moment isn’t a big worry considering Ubisoft/RedLynx are planning to bring in a new and improved multiplayer feature in the future, but it would have been nice to have something to play with your friends, even if it was the same as Trials Evolution just for now, it would have been nice. Playing with friends is always better than playing solo in games like this, because of the endless fun you can have whilst competing against each other. Anyway, I’m sure the new and improved multiplayer will make up for the wait when it’s finally released.

This is what Trials Fusion Local Multiplayer looks like

This is what Trials Fusion Local Multiplayer looks like

Overall, Trials Fusion is just what you would normally see from RedLynx. It’s a job well done in giving us something that we want. Also, you have a choice to buy the season pass which gives you 6 lots of future content, and if you buy it all together from a retailer, it can be as low as £29 in the UK. This is amazing price for a game released on Xbox One and Playstation 4. So go and get Trials, have fun, create madness and get mad at the unforgiving extreme that is known as Trials Fusion.


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