Destiny Beta: First Impressions! Plus a PVP Guide!

Here it is, the game that almost everyone has been waiting for. The game that promised to live up to the hype. Well, lucky for me, I got a Beta code, and I haven’t really put many hours into it, but what I have played, I’ve really enjoyed. It’s kind of weird that I can’t categorise this title, it really is. I’m not sure whether to call it an RPG, MMO or an FPS. It has aspects from all three genres, but whatever it is, it works. Anyway, bad things out of the way first. One of the only problems I have with the game is the sensitivity. It’s backwards in a way. If you play any FPS/RPG game, you will understand what I mean. When aiming on the hip, it seems quite sluggish, whilst aiming down the sight seems insanely nimble. It’s like, right, I see the enemy, he’s sprinting, better ADS and holy crap, what’s happening. Apart from that, I’ve seen nothing that could count as a terrible mechanic. Right, I’m going to try and split this down into the 3 genres up above, wish me luck!


You go to a place called The Tower (pictured above) for quite a few different purposes. You go here to encrypt certain weapons, armour ETC that you have found on your journeys. You can buy weapons, ships, vehicles, armour or pretty much anything you need. This is where the MMO aspect comes into play, for me anyway. Even though it’s a social place where people go just to relax for a bit, it reminds me of the type of place you would see in an MMO game. The view is third person, which is another reason it gives off the MMO vibe. Even though you can’t really battle here, I’ve seen people having fun. I’ve seen people kicking a ball around, chasing it, and then inevitably losing the ball. The view from this place is astonishing. As you look out into the city below, you will be amazed. This, for me, is where the Next Gen vibe kicks in. This is what Next Gen should be like. Nice graphics, and awesome gameplay.

Bungie RPG

After you have been to the tower, you will probably be wanting to level up, right? Well, you and a few friends can form a fireteam and complete missions together. This is where the RPG aspect comes into play. As you complete missions, you gain XP, find weapons, Armour ETC, which can be scrapped for money, or you can wear it, whichever you want. Anyway, it’s really fun just completing missions in a kind of open world where you will see other people who aren’t even doing the same mission as you. You can cross paths, help each other out and then go your own way. The enemies have levels too, so you will have to watch what you come across. There are hidden bosses which we found out to be level 20 bosses. Considering you can only get to level 8 in the beta, it’s best to just look at them from a distance. Nothing hurts them, and why would it? You are 12 levels lower than them after all! The enemy AI is very well done, in the way that they dodge your attacks, and counter in groups, which can be very deadly. Overall, I was happy with the few missions I was able to do on the Beta.


Now we come to the PVP aspect of the game. This is a 6 v 6 game mode (there will be more game modes at release) which is like Domination from a majority of FPS titles. This is actually quite fun. It’s like a mixture of Halo, Call of Duty and something completely new. The gun play feels fine, as long as you are using the right weapons that is. In the beta, we have two different maps. One on Venus, which I found to be quite dark, so you have to be aware at all times. The other map is on the Moon, and I actually love this map. You drive around in vehicles, you can sit on turrets, or do whatever you want. It’s such a fun map. As you are running around, you will see a red outline appear on part of the map. This means that someone is in that direction, and as you get closer to them, the light centres itself on the map. Whilst this gives you an idea of where people are, it doesn’t guarantee that they are where you think. In my opinion, one of the best things about the PVP is that the class is whatever you want it to be. The weapons you have in your inventory, are the weapons available for you in PVP, so as you can tell, this makes every game different. I’ve not played so much of the PVP, but I’ve played enough to know what works, and what doesn’t on these maps. Overall, the multiplayer is fun. It brings something different to the game, which is nice.


If you’re having trouble getting an advantage over your enemy, then this is the place for you.

  • As you are running around, keep checking your map every so often, as this will notify you when an enemy is near.
  • If you think your enemy has a better weapon than you, throw a grenade in his direction, look for a flanking root and take him out from the side/back.
  • Always, and I mean ALWAYS use a fully automatic rifle in PVP as the one shot rifles don’t really match up with the Automatic rifles on the two maps.
  • Make sure you are aware of your surroundings. If you know the map, you will know how to escape those tricky situations.
  • If you are injured, jump around and continue to pressure your enemy. This could give you a better chance at living.
  • If someone is in a vehicle, use your special ability to take them out instantly.
  • Never be afraid of using melee on an enemy, as it will take a lot of health off them.
  • Simple yet effective tip: make sure you’re comfortable with your sensitivity, as it can help a lot more than you think.
  • Try not to catch an enemy point on your own. Always make sure at least one person is with you.

Right, I hope this helps you! Have fun with Destiny, and remember, if you have an Xbox Live subscription, the Beta went public today! So get on, kill things and have fun.


Wolfenstein: The New Order


As in every Wolfenstein title, you play as William Joseph “B.J.” Blazkowicz, and as usual you are thrown straight into the action. The game opens with quite a nice cutscene (no spoilers) which leads to you being in a dogfight. You have to do certain tasks whilst the pilot weaves in and out of battle. Your plane almost sinks, but thanks to Blazkowicz getting rid of the cargo, the plane stays in the air. After this, you have to take down a few German fighters whilst protecting your squadron in the process. It’s a pretty nice start to a game. Unlike many other FPS titles, Wolfenstein has always been unique in the way that everything is different. The Nazi’s won World War 2, things changed and you get to see what would have happened if they had have won the war, which is a really interesting take on things. So, the first 20 minutes of the game are quite good. I’m really enjoying the mechanics, the controls and pretty much the way the game looks.

Our protagonist has changed a little over the years

Our protagonist has changed a little over the years

So, after playing for a little while, I’m just about half way through on chapter 4, yet I’ve been playing for roughly 5 hours now. This is what I love about Wolfenstein. I love how you get sidetracked with everything around you, so the main mission takes longer than anticipated. Trying to find collectibles, search every building in sight is what makes this game so interesting. Yes, you can blast through the game without checking out the awesome scenery, or you can take your time and enjoy the journey. It’s such a nice change for an FPS game to not just have a rushed campaign. Wolfenstein: The New Order tells a lovely story too, as well as the gory cut scenes, which is what people want from this game. People want the game to look nice, they want the story to be compelling and above all of this, they want to have fun (me included), and Wolfenstein brings us that. Even though there is a lot of blood, it’s always fun to shotgun a guy in the face, resulting in his head being non-existent. We love things like this in FPS games, it’s what makes them fun. One of the main things that makes Wolfenstein unique, is the enemies. You fight Nazi creations, meaning robots, robot dogs and many more interesting things that you wouldn’t even see today, yet this game is set in 1960, so just imagine if Germany did win the war. Would we have seen this? Maybe, who knows. Even though it doesn’t exist in real life, it’s always amazing to see it at work in a video game. It gives you a sense of what might have happened in an alternate universe, or anything weird like that. This is why I love the campaign to this game. It brings something fresh, something new.

The Panzerhund 1960 isn't friendly one bit

The Panzerhund 1960 isn’t friendly one bit

Gameplay wise, the game doesn’t feel clunky, or slow. The game feels quite good, and with being a fan of the Wolfenstein series, I’m glad that is has stuck to it’s roots whilst adding new features. The lean system is pretty good, there’s no doubt about it. You can use the lean feature to look over objects, around objects and even under some doors. It’s a really nice feature and I’m glad Bethesda have implemented a decent lean feature unlike certain games where it feels like a hindrance more than it is helpful. One of the other new features is the perk system. You have Stealth, Tactical, Assault and Demolition. Completing certain things for each one will allow you to unlock that perk. They all have their uses, and they are a great feature in the game. Now, back to the fun part of the game. My favourite feature in Wolfenstein has to be dual wield. Never have I had so much fun running around with akimbo shotguns before, or akimbo assault rifles. It’s ridiculous, but it’s what makes the game that more fun to play. Without features like that, I don’t think the game would have the same feel to it.

You can never go wrong with dual wielding

You can never go wrong with dual wielding

To end on a high note, I think if you enjoy any type of FPS game and want a change, you should pick this up. I think any fan of the FPS genre would enjoy this game. If you have played it before, you will know what I mean when I say that it’s a very interesting game to say the least. If you haven’t played Wolfenstein before, you’re missing out. Even though The New Order doesn’t have a multiplayer option, that doesn’t make it any less of a good game. Bethesda have done an amazing job once again with this game and I can’t wait to sit back down and play it. So yeah, pick this up, you will enjoy it, I’m sure.


The Optimist: Project Cars

 Optimist Logo

I’ve not been active for a few months. I took a break from writing for a while because I had a mental block, which I couldn’t overcome for some reason. Anyway, I’m back now, and hopefully these ideas are what you want to read. In The Optimist I will be writing about a future title and giving my optimistic opinion on what will hopefully come out of them. I hope you enjoy.


Project Cars

Project Cars caught my attention about a year and a half ago when I some how came across a website which was showing some images from the game. I thought it looked very interesting to say the least. Fast forward to now and I am genuinely looking forward to the release of Project Cars. With it’s amazing graphics, wide variety and stunning features, it really looks like the total package. I’ve been a fan of near enough every genre of video game since I was very young, and one of those main genres was racing, so you can see why I’m so excited for this. There hasn’t been (in my opinion) a really amazing racing title for a long time, on Xbox at least. I know Sony has Gran Turismo, but I haven’t played that since the 4th title way back when I used to still regularly play on my Playstation. So, to me, this game will be amazing. It just looks too good to be true. We can expect many things from this game, and hopefully those things are amazing. Sometimes a game can look good, but sometimes it won’t play very well, but being the optimist that I am, I’m sure we won’t have any problems with Project Cars.


Visually amazing


What I want from Project Cars is a Forza/GT hybrid, but 10x better than that. I want every kind of racing car you can think of, I want more than 15 tracks (60 confirmed tracks at the moment) to race around and I want the game to be fun. The best part about this, is that Project Cars can do all of this. You choose from 8 tiers of different race categories, starting off from the simple Go Kart racing, working your way up to the spectacular LM Prototype Racing, which sounds more amazing than anything I can think of. The amount of cars you have is still questionable, but with the amount of racing that you can do, I don’t see why this title won’t feature a lot of vehicles. You have Formula 1, you have off road racing, you have GT racing and pretty much anything to do with racing. I’m sure we will see a wide variety of vehicles in this game. Just think of the potential here. You start as a Kart racer, working your way through 8 tiers of racing, meaning that the gameplay should be very lengthy, which is one of the main things any gamer can ask for, especially the gamer who hates playing online multiplayer. It’s going to be great for you and me, the gamers.


8 Tiers of pure racing

So Career has a few details, but not too many. It still sounds very promising. You start your career by creating a driver and picking where you want to begin. From here you will sign a contract to race for a team (not sure what team) and if you do well in your career, you will be offered contracts from other teams, which sounds quite good. Other features include invitations to special events, growing as a driver, evolving as a driver and hopefully being remembered in the Hall of Fame. Now this is something I want to play. I want to race for a team, and I want to play this career mode because it seems different than other titles. It seems fantastic and I can’t see why we won’t love it. With career mode, I want variety, I want a different approach than all the other titles. Imagine being involved in a crash that is your fault and then your team fire you because you can not be trusted, only to have a less successful team pick you up and offer you a contract. You could take this unsuccessful team to glory, or you could wreck their careers and throw the opportunity back in their faces. Now, I doubt this will happen, but I want things like this. Different things. Being different is not a bad thing in the gaming world, it’s being the same that kills developers.


It has rain! Something Forza doesn’t have


Online Multiplayer is the place where people just love to be destructive morons. My recent experience with this, was in Forza 5. I recently had a 7 day ban for griefing, and I’m not sure it was fair. Every multiplayer lobby you go into on Forza, someone smashes into your rear end and puts you in the gravel, yet I got banned for being a destructive moron, but only when I finally had enough. After countless times of being taken out, I finally lost it and smashed one person off the track (he previously had taken me out numerous times in previous races), leading to a 7 day ban, which was absolutely stupid. Now, this is what could make or break this title. The fact that Forza has no in game penalty system allows people to be destructive morons, and this isn’t acceptable. If Project Cars has a penalty system, it will be a God send. Formula 1 has a penalty system, so I can’t see why this won’t. Anyway, enough of my rant, the online multiplayer sounds very promising. From what I have read, you can create your own team with your friends. Still, I don’t know how true this is, but I’m hoping it is a feature. It would be just a lot of fun having your own team with a bunch of friends. You could have different teams racing in each race, which would be excellent in my opinion. As long as we have something that works, it will be amazing, I’m sure. Another thing that Project has over Forza is the option to be able to practice and qualify for races. This is like Formula 1, and I like it. It allows people to be a little competitive whilst having fun. It does sound very interesting. Let us all hope that the multiplayer isn’t a destructive environment, this way, we can all have fun, which is what we would love.


This is in game! How ridiculously nice


So Project Cars should be one of the greatest racing games to come to console/PC for a while. From what I’ve seen, it can only get better and it is already looking and sounding amazing. There are also community challenges where you can win actual prizes, which is fantastic. The amount of things this game is capable of is quite something. It hopefully will live up to my optimism. It will hopefully be one of the greatest racing titles we have played. Project Cars releases in November 2014 and it it being brought to us by WMD (World of Mass Development). Not a long time to wait now, and considering I’ve been following this game for roughly sixteen months, I can’t wait. Thanks for reading, as always.


P.S. Here’s a trailer: Project Cars Trailer


Trials Fusion: The Review

Trials Logo

Yesterday was the release of Trials Fusion, and like a lot of people, I have had my fair share of fun with the Trials series. Of course, I was expecting something great from this game, as you do when a game like Trials is announced. The endless fun is something that Trials does better than most other games, so obviously I was expecting a lot from RedLynx, maybe a little too much. I don’t know, I just feel like there aren’t enough games to play on the current gen right now, so I’ve started to expect a lot from companies. Anyway, back on the topic of this review. Trials HD was good, Trials Evolution was brilliant, and now we have Trials Fusion, another title in the series, and it does do something great, but I feel that it has a lot more to offer in the future.



Trials Fusion hit  shelves on the 15th and 16th of April

The first thing I expect you to dive into is the career mode, like always, considering this is the best way to start your Trials experience if you’re a new player, or just to get back used to the Trials feeling. In career mode you start out by going through a training programme at the start of each location, and after completion, you unlock a new bike/quad bike. Trials starts out easy, as usual, but as you progress it gets a little bit difficult, which is not unusual, but what Trials does compared to other games is get insanely difficult once you pass the hard levels. Once you get to extreme, you are truly tested, and this is not easy for many gamers, me included. So, make sure you practice before you lose your mind with these extreme levels. They are good, and fun (sometimes), but it is kind of refreshing to have hard levels in a game considering how easy a lot of games are nowadays.

Inferno IV - the hardest track in Trials Fusion

Inferno IV – the hardest track in Trials Fusion

Now for the part that I think will be the best part of Trials, the most promising aspect of this game and probably the best experiences. Track Central was a bit hit on Trials Evolution, with people creating their own tracks and skill games. We saw so many different styles, and so many different games built within Trials, it was mind blowing, it really was. This is where Trials really shines brighter than most other titles. Trials is one of the only titles that allows the community to use building tools to create anything they want, and without that, I don’t think that Trials would be as successful as it is now. This means that there is tons of new content every week (sometimes every day) for you to play without paying for it. As of now, the community haven’t made many tracks/skill games, but give it time and you will start to see many amazing creations, I have no doubt about that.

Track Central is where you will find community creations

Track Central is where you will find community creations

The only disappointing thing about Trials Fusion is the multiplayer, as of now. At the moment you can only play local multiplayer, which isn’t that great. It’s pretty much what you had on Trials Evolution with the Supercross tracks. Having no online option at the moment isn’t a big worry considering Ubisoft/RedLynx are planning to bring in a new and improved multiplayer feature in the future, but it would have been nice to have something to play with your friends, even if it was the same as Trials Evolution just for now, it would have been nice. Playing with friends is always better than playing solo in games like this, because of the endless fun you can have whilst competing against each other. Anyway, I’m sure the new and improved multiplayer will make up for the wait when it’s finally released.

This is what Trials Fusion Local Multiplayer looks like

This is what Trials Fusion Local Multiplayer looks like

Overall, Trials Fusion is just what you would normally see from RedLynx. It’s a job well done in giving us something that we want. Also, you have a choice to buy the season pass which gives you 6 lots of future content, and if you buy it all together from a retailer, it can be as low as £29 in the UK. This is amazing price for a game released on Xbox One and Playstation 4. So go and get Trials, have fun, create madness and get mad at the unforgiving extreme that is known as Trials Fusion.


Titanfall: First Impressions


Like a lot of people, I am an avid FPS fan. One of the very first FPS games I fell in love with, was Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare. As you can probably tell, I had big hopes for Titanfall when I found out Vince Zampella and Jason West (part of the original Infinity Ward team) were two of the people behind this project. Respawn formed in 2010, promising that they would produce a “Call of Duty killer”, and to say that, you must mean it. It’s not going to be an easy feat to kill off one of the most successful games to ever surface. Titanfall was known as project ‘CoD Killer’ apparently, meaning that Respawn meant business. Fast forward to the year 2014 and we have a beta for Titanfall. Like everyone else, I applied, and I waited for the confirmation Email telling me that I had successfully attained a beta code.

respawn logo

After playing my first match of Attrition (Team Deathmatch to you and me) I fell in love with Titanfall. I don’t know what it was. It just felt like I had found that love for the FPS genre that had been missing for so long. It was like a breath of fresh air. I know some people are wondering what the hell is it with this game that has everybody talking so much. Well, let me tell you. From the start of a game, until the very end, it feels alive. You feel the adrenaline pumping inside of you as you snap an enemies neck, or when you run along a wall just to  jump kick a passing enemy in the face. Everything feels smooth, balanced and just absolutely amazing if I’m honest. The best part about Titanfall, is that you don’t have to be good at the game to enjoy the experience. Respawn were very clever by introducing AI companions (along with enemies) into the multiplayer universe, meaning that the least skilled players can still have fun by killing these minions, and helping the team at the same time. It’s genius. You never feel cheated when playing the game, which is rare these days considering how the FPS genre has gone over the last few years. The pace of the game is always fast, and never feels sluggish, which is also another thing other FPS games have failed to accomplish.

The obvious talking point are the Titans. Even though they are a big part of the game, they are not overpowered in any way. The best part about it is that each player gets a Titan, meaning that no one feels left out. At the start of each game, a countdown begins on the bottom left of your screen displaying how long you have to wait until your Titan will arrive. Getting kills on minions, or enemy players will cut down that time. Calling in a Titan is a wonderful feeling. You see your Titan come out of the sky and land in front of you in a spectacular way; it’s beautiful. Once you are in the Titan, you can wreak havoc on the enemy by doing anything you want. You can kill them with weapons, melee, or just by simply standing on them. Taking down a Titan isn’t too hard if you have a team willing to help. You have an anti-titan weapon which will drain the shield of an enemy titan, allowing your team mates to take it down with ease. Being in control of a Titan is one of the best feelings I’ve had in a long time. It’s super fun just annihilating the enemy whilst they try to take you down the best way they can.


Movement feels amazing and I was a little sceptical at first when I heard about the parkour side of the game, yet it fits perfectly. We (as gamers) have had experience with a certain title known as Brink. The hype for Brink was ridiculous, and it promised to be the next big thing. The next big thing turned out to be a massive disappointment in a way that was unjustifiable. Titanfall is what Brink should have been, in the way of movement. Jumping from building-to-building whilst wall running has never felt so smooth. It’s weird how Respawn have made this fit into a modern FPS game. The best thing about this, is that it stops camping. Yesterday I was playing with a friend and someone was trying to camp on a rooftop, trying to pick people off as they ran by. He got his neck snapped 5 times and jump kicked 3 or 4 times. People will eventually learn that camping is not effective in this game. As you make your way through each multiplayer map, you can run along the walls at a slant, meaning that you can still engage in battle whilst you are making your way around the buildings. This is something that Brink tried to do. This is what I was expecting from Brink, but thanks to Respawn, we now have a game which feels amazing. A game that brings the FPS genre back to life.


My conclusion is that if you haven’t picked up the Titanfall beta, you definitely should do. It is a wonderful FPS game that is for everybody. You can be experienced, or even a new player and I’m sure you will enjoy the experience. There is something for everybody in Titanfall. I have to applaud Respawn Entertainment for creating such a wonderful game. I just hope that the finished product will be as amazing as the beta. The beta is now open for everybody who owns an Xbox One, and I’m sure it is open for people who play on PC too. Go and give it a try, you won’t regret it.


Forza Motorsport 5: The Review

Forza logo

Cars, cars, cars and even more cars! That’s what Forza is all about, and if it wasn’t, I think we would be quite frustrated. The fans of the popular racing game always love it when a new Forza is announced, and I can see why. Being an avid fan of Forza since the 3rd instalment I couldn’t wait to try this game on Xbox One with the new controller. The new controller has touch-sensitive triggers, meaning that you can control the braking distance and acceleration a lot better than previously on the 360. This makes the game feel more realistic (unless you have a steering wheel) and a lot more exciting. The bar has been set by Turn 10 with racing games on this new generation. Other developers will have to keep up.

Turn 10 raise the bar with Forza 5 on Xbox One

Turn 10 raise the bar with Forza 5 on Xbox One

Forza 5 kicks off with you in a race to familiarise yourself with how the game plays (if you had forgotten that is). From here on out, it’s all down to you to earn in-game credits and buy the vehicles that you desire. Forza has always had a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from. If I knew how many was in this game, I would tell you, but there are too many to count. This is not a bad thing though. Any car enthusiast would be in heaven if they were to play Forza 5 with the amount of vehicles Turn 10 have to offer.
This game feels very similar to Forza 4 (as you would imagine) only smoother and a lot better. With it being on Xbox One, you can control your car the way you always intended, without going to fast around a corner, or going to slow into a turn. This is what the fans of every racing game have been waiting for.
The main thing that blew my mind was the way that every race is different. This is because of the amazing thought process behind the AI. Unlike previous Forza titles, you will be facing off against Drivatars. Drivatars are based off other gamers around the world. After each race, your drivatar will sync a little more, meaning that it will act like you within no time. This is amazing and I never thought gaming would ever come to this. You will come across a drivatar that will be very aggressive, meaning he will brake really late, he will crash into you and he will give you no room to pass him, unless he makes a mistake (which is likely). Other drivatars will stick to the racing line and drive like any normal person, but they will make mistakes. This is what makes Forza 5 absolutely brilliant. Here is a video to show you what I mean: this is from the Youtube Channel officialxboxmag – Forza 5 gameplay.

Something which can happen in any race during a Forza session

Something which can happen in any race during a Forza session

One of the nicer single player features has to be the voice overs from the Top Gear crew. I know we have had Jeremy Clarkson in the past doing voice overs for Forza, but this time we have the trio. As you choose an event you will hear either Jeremy Clarkson, James May, or Richard Hammond describe in great detail about the cars which are involved. This is brilliant for anybody who is interested in cars. You learn a lot from the three Top Gear presenters as you continue through the many events Forza has on offer, and if you already know a lot about cars, you can just sit back, relax and listen to these three know-it-alls go on about something you love! If that’s not enough for you, the game also features The Stig.. well kind of anyway. It’s The Stigs digital cousin. During each 8-10 race event, you will come across The Stig who will challenge you to a race. This is a nice feature that Turn 10 have included within the game.

The three know-it-alls of Top Gear

The three know-it-alls of Top Gear

Now onto multiplayer. Multiplayer in the past has been pretty much just pick a track, a mode, a car and you’re done. This time it’s a bit different. This time it’s a lot better, in my opinion. As you select the multiplayer option, you are greeted by a voice which tells you that “this is the multiplayer hoppers” and then you are told exactly what happens next. You will see 4 menu’s at the top of the screen which read: Monthly, League Select, Class Races and Special events.
In the Monthly column you will see things for beginners, things like RS 3 vs. 1 Series M Coupe and so on. These will change every 4 weeks as the title says.
League select allows you to choose between: Modern Sport Compacts, American Motorsport, Iconic Sports Cars and Track Toys. This gives you a wide variety of choices.
If that’s not for you then you have Class Races. You can choose from D to X class. So, you can go from racing in a Mini Cooper one race, to racing in a Lotus F1 car the next. The choice is yours and it’s amazing.
There are also special events that include drifting challenges, different class challenges and a lot more. This game offers a lot to any gamer who wants to get into this genre, or to a gamer who already loves this genre.

Keep going and you can show this off to your friends

Keep going and you can show this off to your friends

Turn 10 have raised the bar for any other competitor hoping to bring out a racing game on the Xbox One. The only downside to this brilliant game is the fact that the cars cost a lot of credits. Turn 10 have promised to release an update to fix this. At least they listen to the community, unlike other developers. This update is said to bring the prices of the cars down, as well as bring in new game modes. Once this happens, I’m sure everybody will be happy. If you haven’t got this game, I would definitely recommend it as it is just an amazing title. It looks amazing, and it plays amazing. Graphics are nothing without gameplay, but this has both. So go out and get this when you can. You won’t regret it.


RYSE: Son of Rome: The Review

Ryse logo

On the 22nd of November was the release of the much awaited Xbox One. Like every other gamer that got their lucky hands on one of these, I ordered a handful of games – one of them being RYSE: Son of Rome. This game had me hooked when I first saw it at E3. It looked like something I had rarely (if ever) seen before, so of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it myself. On the 22nd of November, I finally did. Could this game be the warrior that it promised, or was it just going to be another soldier that died in battle?


Crytek gave RYSE a lot of hype during E3

So, with this game being my most anticipated game on the Xbox One, I did not want to be disappointed. I wanted to play a game that was refreshing, and new. I just wanted something different from the usual FPS game that has been driven down our throats every year since 2006/2007. With RYSE, we have something different, we have something fresh and it is great. I’m not going to say that this is the best video game as of now! That wouldn’t be true. This doesn’t have to be the best game though, that’s the thing. It just has to be new, and refreshing. I keep linking those two words a lot, and that’s because the gaming industry needs to take note. We need games like RYSE to keep gamers interested, to keep them (dare I say) entertained. With RYSE, I got what I expected. I had a good time, and that’s what matters. Video games are a form of entertainment, and a lot of people forget that.

Ryse image

Are you not entertained?!

RYSE brings us an adventure that is different from other titles. It brings us a hack and slash story that plays quite well. One of the main aspects that caught my attention, was how the game felt like you was watching a movie. This has been tried and tested in the past and has never really taken off. Crytek has turned that around and made this game as enjoyable as they possibly could. Yes, the gameplay is quite repetitive at times, but what would you expect from a hack and slash set in Roman times? You are not going to see the protagonist doing any major moves, or I should hope you don’t see that anyway! That would be very unrealistic and Crytek would have a lot to answer for if they did that. With that being said, you will see the protagonist blocking, attacking and executing enemies in a very gory fashion. It’s what any gore-lover would want!
RYSE is also a beautiful game to look at. The graphics are extraordinary to a point that makes you question if this is a movie, or just another video game. Well, it feels like both, as I stated earlier, and that’s not a bad thing. Crytek have always had an outstanding engine, as we all know and they use it’s full potential in RYSE. 

One of the many executions in Ryse

One of the many executions in Ryse

The campaign is good. It’s not amazing, but it is good. You will see tons of action as you wade through each of the chapters. In RYSE you will see our protagonist (Marius Titus) join the Roman Army in Britannia after he witnesses the murder of his family. Marius seeks revenge on the Barbarians, and he must overcome the odds as he slashes his way through the enemy. You will come up against tough enemies throughout each chapter, and as the story progresses you will come up against a handful of bosses.
The campaign isn’t too long, which isn’t usually popular amongst gamers, but the story it tells is wonderful. Crytek have done an amazing job of making you want more from RYSE, and with it being a first attempt on the new console, I can only say that they have done a great job.

RYSE Marius

Marius doing what he does best

Along with the single player campaign, Crytek gave us a Co-op multiplayer game mode known as Gladiator. In this game mode, you and you friends can team up against waves of enemies inside of a Colosseum. Each wave is different, meaning that you will have to work well as a team to take down the different enemies that this game mode presents.
You can “Be Your Own Hero” in this game mode. With the gold you earned in combat you can purchase different types of equipment. RYSE multiplayer offers a wide range of equipment, such as: armor, shields, weapons and consumables to customise your own gladiator.
This game mode is fun, and it offers a lot to the gamer. They could have added a few more game modes on release, but I’m sure they will bring in more in the future. Nonetheless, this is a lot of fun with your friends and I would recommend it to anybody who is a fan of the hack and slash genre.

RYSE co op

It’s time to entertain

So after playing this game for a while, I must say that I wasn’t left disappointed. It was everything that I expected. A lot of critics have been saying bad things about this game, but I can’t see why. It’s everything you would expect from this type of game. You’re not going to see spectacular movie moments and you’re not going to see tons of explosions. You are going to see swords swinging, archers shooting and a lot of people dying. This game is a lot of fun and if you were lucky enough to get an Xbox One, I would suggest you try this out. Crytek could improve on this game and have themselves a nice little franchise going for them, and I don’t see why they won’t do that. This game is fun. Go and buy it if you haven’t already!

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F1 2013: The Review

F1 lgo

Formula One: it’s not for everyone, but the loyal fanbase that this sport has managed to obtain is incredible. I remember when I was a young child and I would watch the likes of Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard, Damon Hill and many many other great drivers. Back then, the cars didn’t use none of the computer technology that the present cars use. This led to (dare I say) more entertaining races. Although, it was pretty much the same story. We had Schumacher dominating the racing scene – year in, year out, and today we have Vettel doing the same. Whereas the F1 scene has been pretty predictable over the last few years with Vettel winning it, the video game hasn’t. You will see the expected drivers getting the podium finish, but it’s not always Vettel. Now, I know that isn’t enough to persuade you that this game is different than the actual sport itself. So, let me tell you what is good about the game this year.

The 4th time winner.

Sebastian Vettel: the 4th time winner.

F1 2012 was good, there’s no doubt about that, but it still had flaws (just like most games). The biggest flaw I can think of, was the penalty system. That was a joke on 2012. You could literally not do anything and you would get a drive-thru penalty. It was completely shocking. F1 2013 seems to have improved on this system quite a lot. I have yet to come across a time where I have been given a penalty for doing nothing wrong. When I have received a penalty, it has been very deserving.
F1 2013 feels very real. They have somehow improved on the amazing job they did with F1 2012 by making the races feel more alive. You will see collisions (not in every race), you will see tyre wear come into the mix and you will see the difference with each car this time around. On F1 2012 I was racing for Caterham and I would win almost every Grand Prix, which was very unrealistic. This time around, I started at Caterham, yet again, and I never got a victory. I never even got close, and that’s how it should be. This is a major step for Codemasters.
Tyre management comes into play this year. If you are a fan of F1, you will have noticed that the tyres have been one of the main talking points during the season. It is no different in the game. Tyres will wear down very quickly if you’re not careful. I was struggling when I first started playing, but after some practice, I was able to manage my tyres so they would last long enough for me to complete the race.

The very realistic F1 2013 has done a great job this year

The very realistic F1 2013 has done a great job this year

Everything you know from F1 2012 returns in this game. You will have Career, Season Challenge, Time Attacks and every other feature that you love about the franchise. There are also new features that have been introduced by Codemasters. The F1 classics were brought in for everybody to try, and it is perfect. You get cars from the 80’s and 90’s, along with three classic tracks. This is something that people have always wanted. The cars handle exactly how they should and it does take a couple of races to get used to them, but that’s the whole point. It’s something new, and fresh.

Ferrari T12

Take the fantastic Ferrari 312 T2 around the classic, or modern tracks


Multiplayer is pretty much the same as last year, apart from the change of cars. You jump into a session with people from around the world and you have a great time, racing. What more could you want from a racing game? The best thing about multiplayer is the new and improved penalty system (like I said before). A few times on F1 2012 I would get a penalty for somebody taking my car on a little detour into the tyre wall. Now, this has changed. If you purposely take out the opposition, you will be punished. If it’s an accident, you will be warned. This is a fantastic way of doing things, as it lets the races flow a lot more.
Co-Op season is back, just like you would expect. You and a friend can take on the greatest F1 drivers of the present and see who can top the table at the end of the season. I’ve always enjoyed this mode, as it brings something exciting to the normal career mode. You obviously work as a team and try to finish in the best possible place you can, so your team can claim the ultimate constructors championship, yet you are competing against your team-mate (and everyone else) for the drivers championship.

What most online lobbies look like after a couple of corners

What most online lobbies look like after a couple of corners

So, F1 2013 is a fantastic game. It looks beautiful, it feels smoother than ever and it is a must buy for any F1 fan. I can’t recommend it enough, and it seems to be getting better each year. An amazing job from Codemasters, once again. So, get this game. You will love it, I promise.

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What To Play?!: Halloween Edition


It’s that time of year again, where people dress up as their favourite TV characters, demons and whatever else they can think of. It’s that time of year where people go out, get drunk and then come home and wonder what the hell happened. Well never fear, I have a few options for all of you. I have options for the people like me, who don’t drink. I have options for the people who go out, drink and then come home not knowing what to do. I have something for everybody! In this new edition to my blog, I shall give you five games that I think you will enjoy. In this edition you will see: fun, gore and scary titles to see you through the night. Some of these games will make you sleep with the lights on!


To start you off tonight, why not play some Dead Rising 2? Everybody loves seeing zombies, right? Everybody loves to kill zombies, right? Well if you do, this is a game that bleeds fun! You play as Chuck Greene and he is kinda cool, I guess. The game opens up with Chuck participating in the Terror is Reality game show. Chuck participates in these events to win cash, so he can buy Zombrex for his daughter. The Zombrex aspect of the game can be quite annoying but other than that, you should be playing this tonight! A lot of zombies, a lot of weapons and a lot of blood! What more could you ask for?


Zombie slaying time!


What would Halloween be without Resident Evil? Resident Evil was one of the first games to bring the horror genre into the big leagues. We’ve all played this game (and if you haven’t, why the hell not?!) and at one point or another, we have been scared. Don’t try to deny it, we’ve all been there, you’re not alone. This a must play game for any horror fan on Halloween.


Leon and the gang


Fear 3 does something that gets overlooked by most people. Fear 3 is horrifying at times but that’s not what makes this game so good. The way this game affects you psychologically is amazing. This game will have you thinking, it will have you jumping and it will make you feel scared. There are many jump spots in the game where Alma will appear and you won’t be expecting her. This game is brilliant and you should be playing it tonight!


Imagine these guys showing up to your house on Halloween


Silent Hill has always been successful. The franchise has never let the die hard community down. Konami have always remained fresh with this franchise, and they have always had a few scares up their sleeves! Silent Hill: HD Collection brings you both Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3. Both games are amazing and they will scare you.


What a friendly bunny

Dead Space

The Dead Space series has been an amazing ride so far. Isaac Clarke has been through an emotional ride (as have we, the gamers) through all three instalments. This game is guaranteed to scare the socks off you! As you walk through the dark world that is Dead Space, you will come across something known as Necromorphs. These creatures are enough to give you nightmares. One minute you will be minding your own business and the next you will hear terrifying music that usually means there is something going to happen.

You get to wear this cool suit!

You get to wear this cool suit!

Well I hope you all enjoy this new edition to the TwiiSteD Blog. I have been thinking up new things over the last few months. I really enjoy reviewing games, but I want to do so much more. Hopefully I can improve on this in the future. This is technically just a test to see if I can actually do other things. Well I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for the support. You guys are amazing. Stay amazing.


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GTA V: The Review + Multiplayer Guide!

GTA 5 logo

“All we had to do, was follow the damn train, CJ!” will be what most of you remember from the previous visit to San Andreas. With all the hype of GTA: V, I think most of us lost our minds. As the release date grew closer, we would become agitated and excited at the same time. We had seen the trailers, we had heard what Rockstar had to offer this time around and it promised to be something special. I remember writing about GTA: V a few months ago and I was as excited as a kid on Christmas day. You can only imagine what I was like during the week before release! So, when GTA: V was released, everybody went crazy, and who could blame them? I mean, it has been 5 years since the last GTA instalment, so it was quite obvious that the community would be going absolutely mental.

GTA 5 welcome back

Welcome Back to San Andreas

GTA: V opens up in 2004 with Michael, Trevor, Brad and an unknown accomplice robbing a bank in Ludendorff, North Yankton. Whilst escaping, the foursome run into the police (who saw that coming?) and from there on, it’s not quite the smooth ride that they thought it would be. Whilst escaping, you will have to shoot officers, drive the getaway vehicle and then some how get away from the whole situation. After this amazing prologue, you will take control of Franklin. Franklin and his best friend (Lamar) work as repo men for Simeon (car dealer of Armenian heritage). Franklin and Lamar must repossess vehicles from unfortunate customers. Doing these first two missions gives you a little bit of information about the main characters. As the game progresses, you unlock Michael and then Trevor later on in the story. After you have played with the 3 protagonists for a while, you will become attached to them. You will love them all for different reasons, I know I did.
Without any spoilers, I will say that the story is fantastic. It hooks you and reels you in, just like I hoped it would. Rockstar always have a way of bringing the emotion out of a gamer, which is one of the reasons I love their work. In this absolutely fantastic instalment, you will feel happy, anger and pretty much every emotion your mind has to offer. This isn’t ever a bad thing. This is great storytelling from one of the best game developers in the world and we couldn’t ask for much more.


The amazing developers

Another brilliant thing about every GTA game are the activities away from the main story. You can pretty much do anything in the world of GTA to fulfil your happiness. There things such as: Tennis, Golf, Darts, Car races, Off-road races, Bike races, Sea races and a hell of a lot more. You will never be short for anything to do in this game. It is just so much fun roaming around the city, finding different things to do. I don’t know many other developers who put so much effort in to one single game at this present time. IF that isn’t enough to wet your appetite, you can always just do your own thing. Go to the airport, steal a plane and go crazy, have a shoot-out with the police and try to evade that 5-star wanted level, or just simply have a nice drive around the wonderful city of Los Santos. In my personal opinion, the single player alone should win this title the ‘Game of The Year’ award.

GTA 5 trev and franklin

Two of the three amazing protagonists in GTA: V

Regular readers know that I don’t say anything about graphics in a game, but in this case, it has to be mentioned. GTA: V looks absolutely fantastic. Rockstar have gone into so much detail to bring us not only a game that plays brilliantly, but also a game that looks amazing. Everything from the beautiful weather to the amazing countryside of Blaine County looks perfect. I don’t think I have ever seen GTA look so good. It’s the small things that make this game look so good. How the water moves, how the fog looks absolutely brilliant and just how everything moves in such a fluid motion.
So overall, you should buy this game if you haven’t already. You are missing out on one of the best games in the past ten years! It is seriously that good and I can’t recommend it enough. Go and buy it now if you haven’t already. I don’t care what time it is, I don’t care what day it is and I don’t care how much it is! Go and get this game. It is that good.


GTA: Online did have teething problems on the first week of it’s release, and this annoyed most of the gaming community, but what else could you expect with 8 million people trying to get on the servers constantly for an entire week? Although, the servers were not entirely to blame. Some of the blame could be placed on Rockstar themselves. They held back the Online option for two weeks post launch. This was so they could add the finishing touches to the multiplayer. I think this angered most people. I was slightly annoyed at this, yet I just didn’t complain. I played single player, like it was intended. The problem with getting online was getting through the tutorial. This was meant to teach you how GTA: Online worked, yet it was a hard task. It would show you the city, your character would arrive to Los Santos by plane and Lamar would come to welcome you. After this, he would give you a lecture on how small you are and how you can earn money. So he takes you to your first race, and this is where the problems start. The race would never start. It took me 4 days to actually get past this. A lot of people complained, and so they should. It was their right to complain. I was not part of the angry mob. I was part of the patient bunch who waited for a fix. When it finally came, the troubles seemed to go away, until people’s characters seemed to be disappearing like cake at a child’s party. I never saw any issues, until it happened to me, of course. I was a level 19 who didn’t have a lot of things. I had a car and that was it. I didn’t mind this. I waited for the next patch and then made a new character. Of course the game would have problems. Even now, it has problems. Nothing as major as the start, but it still has them.

GTA online 1

Hey look, it’s that race we never saw

Anyway, when Rockstar finally fixed most of the problems, the online was brilliant and it still is. A lot of the online features are still to be released and even without them, the game is fantastic. You can do pretty much anything that you can do in singleplayer and much more. There are jobs which are scattered around the map for anyone to join. You can race, play survival, team deathmatch, last team standing or even do missions where you have to collect something for somebody. There is so much to do in GTA: Online. Go on there and you will be hooked for a while!
A great feature in this game is the customisation. You can pretty much customise anything you want from: character appearance to the wheels on your car. You can make your character look the way you want him. Want to be a cowboy? Go ahead. Want to be a rockstar? Do that too. The possibilities are endless in this game. It’s quite something to think that a game on this generation can have so much to offer. The best part is that we haven’t even seen it all yet. We still haven’t seen the creation tools where you can create your own games. We haven’t been introduced to heists as of yet. I have some news about the heists. It could be speculation but this was posted on a forum a few days ago.
According to an unknown poster, the heists will be introduced some time this month. He called Rockstar to complain about his character loss. Whilst talking to Rockstar, he asked about heists and other things which haven’t been released yet. From what he says, you will need to buy an apartment so you can plan the heists. Do not take this as gospel, as it could be a rumour. Just keep in mind that this could be happening sooner than you think.


Since the game is working, here is my garage. Also, ignore the ‘Heavy Metal Farmer’ character you see in front of the vehicles

So, some tips to help you get started:

  • When you make a character in GTA and you get past the tutorial, you will be asked to find a vehicle. This will be for free. Find the best vehicle that it will let you track (I got a low-end sports car) and when you take it to Los Santos Customs, make sure you have a good look through every customisable option. This is your first car, there are a lot of free things that come with it. Put all of the free things on your car. You won’t get this opportunity again.
  • When you get a garage, go to the LuxuryMotors website on your in-game phone and order the Elegy sports car. This is a free car and you will not be charged for it. Do this if you haven’t got a tracked car, or if you have a garage. It’s the easiest way to get another free car.
  • Make an account on the Rockstar: Social Club website to access the Sawn-Off Shotgun for free. This will help you when you are a lower rank than a lot of the other players in the lobby.
  • Sell cars to Los Santos customs for easy money.
  • If Simeon wants a vehicle, you get him that vehicle. He will pay you a handsome some for these vehicles.
  • Play a lot of Survival when you unlock it at level 15. This will earn you £20,000 if you survive 10 waves.

Using these methods should earn you quite a lot of money in no time. Even doing the standard Team Deathmatches or Races will earn you quite a lot if you place in the top 3.

GTA lambo

Want a car like this? Do the methods I have told you!

Now some more useful tips to get your stats maxed out the fastest way possible. They are quite self explanatory, but I shall tell you anyway:

  • Shooting: go to a shooting range to increase your gun skill, or do Survival. I found Survival gets this stat up the most.
  • Driving: drive around Los Santos for a while, or enter race after race like I did, and win. This helps a lot.
  • Flying: do plane races to get this stat maxed out, or fly around Los Santos for a few hours.
  • Stamina: grab a cycle and peddle like you have never peddled before! This will increase your stamina dramatically.
  • Strength: simply play golf for a few hours. This increases your strength in no time.
  • Stealth:  this skill is increased by 1% for every 45 meters (49 yards) walked in stealth mode.
  • Lung Capacity: this stat is increased by 1% for every minute spent underwater.
gta cycle

Cycle around as much as you can!

I hope that this guide will help you get through the multiplayer without any trouble. Other things to watch out for, are other players. Try to stay away from them if you can as they always seem to shoot on sight. If you’re confident enough to know you will win a gun fight, go straight in. Always make sure you deposit you’re money into a bank account. You don’t want to lose it if you get shot by another player. When robbing a shop, always make sure you keep your gun aimed at the shop assistant, even when leaving the shop. This gives him no time to pull out a gun of his own and shoot you.
Follow this guide and you should be earning money in no time. You should be able to afford the high end sports cars within days. You should definitely get this game if you haven’t already. It will be the best game you have ever played.